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Business Process Capabilities
Quality insight and execution using iServer for your process modeling, analysis and improvement initiatives

Quality insight and execution using iServer for your process modeling, analysis and improvement initiatives

iServer for Business Process Analysis

The iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite provides enterprises with interchangeable Solutions to manage, govern and visualize Business Transformation.

iServer delivers market leading capabilities which are designed to make your process modeling easy and effective, whilst delivering valuable insights and analysis to deliver exceptional and useable results.

Business Process Repository

Central Document Repository

iServer provides a central repository for business analysts to collaborate on business process models and documentation.

The repository is the storage point for process diagrams (in Visio format) and associated documentation (in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint) formats.

It also provides a number of collaboration features, including role-based permissions, change management (versioning), import/export abilities and search.

Continue to use Microsoft Visio

Rather than providing a proprietary diagramming interface, iServer extends and enhances Visio. Existing Visio diagrams, in BPMN or other notations can be imported into the repository and re-used, saving time and effort. The learning curve for new users is minimal because they are already familiar with the Visio modeling environment.

iServer diagrams retain their native Visio file format, so they can easily be shared with colleagues who don’t have access to iServer.

Continue to use Visio with iServer
Full Support for BPMN 2.0

Enhanced Visio Process Modeling

iServer addresses many of the challenges posed by modeling in Visio: it turns single-user Visio into a collaborative multi-user tool where diagrams are driven by dat stored in the repository. Object (such as roles, process or business rules) and their relationship can be re-used across multiple diagrams, increasing the accuracy of diagrams and eliminating time needed for manual updates.

Whilst the flexibility of Visio on its own can lead to a free for all, where users do their own thing, iServer allows you to place controls around which business architecture standards and notations are permitted and enforced.

iServer also enhances Visio by providing many other features, such as:

Full Support for BPMN 2.0 - supports the industry standard process modeling notation.

Validation Rules - validate BPMN diagrams against the BPMN standard to ensure semantic correctness.

Reuse - search for and reuse existing objects or relationships (for example, reusing swimlanes from an existing role catalog)

Indicators - Icons highlight change management notifications, or links to resources (such as work instructions)

Business Process Standards Support

Reference models are useful for comparison and benchmarking, answering the question "how does our organization compare to the standard for our industry?". They also serve as a great way of organizing business process within a common structure.

iServer provides support for many popular industry reference models, and frameworks are provided as part of the Business Process Analysis capabilites. Some of the frameworks we support include eTOM, EMMMv and APQC.


The BPMN Accelerator is a comprehensive toolkit that will enable your organization to align with the BPMN framework and best practises.


The Lean Accelerator contains a folder structure built around the DMAIC Process. This offers a structured approach to your business process improvement initiative.


Decision Making & Analysis Tools

iServer's Business Process Analysis capabilites provide a variety of tools that aid decision making and analysis. For example:

Heatmaps - process diagrams are dynamically colored and annotated with data-driven graphics
Impact Analysis allows dynamic visualization of dependencies, answering questions such as “if we retire this application, what is the impact on our business processes?”
Dashboards and Reports present key statistical information to executive stakeholders
Matrices allow relationships to be depicted and edited in bulk (RACI Matrix)

Decision Making and Analysis Tools
Share Business Processes with the Business

Communicate with the Business

These modules make it easy for Modelers and Analysts to share their repository models and documentation with stakeholders across the organization, including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Executives, Process Owners and other employees.

Click one of the links below to find out how that module will help improve your process modeling initiative.

Communicate processes with HTML Publisher HTML Publisher

HTML Publisher allows you to publisher any repository content, such as process, application or project diagrams, to create integrated HTML websites.

HTML Publisher

iServer Portal allows architects and business analysts to share their enterprise architecture and business processes online with the business for review and feedback in the form of comments.

High quality Visuals

Generate Process Documentation

Having created business process diagrams within the repository and captured supporting information such as business rules, systems or roles, business analysts often spend a huge amount of time manually producing documentation. Because the processes evolve and improve over time, documents quickly become out of date and need to be updated.

Examples include the production of training meterials, generating a process narrative or work instructions document for each process, building a business requirements document for a project, or simply publishing a process to a Word/PDF document for review.

Live Documents

Server Live Documents allows business analysts and enterprise architects to quickly generate business process documentation and architecture deliverables – in Microsoft Word format - from the iServer repository.

Live Documents
Reporting Services

iServer Reporting Services is an extension module used to create, manage and deploy reports. These reports extract information from the architecture or process repository for presentation to stakeholders.

Reporting Services

Import and Export Business Processes

An important feature of any business process analysis tool is the ability to interchange processes with other tools.

If you are moving away from a legacy business process analysis tool there may be diagrams to migrate.

Click one of the links below to find out more.

Enterprise Architecture Integration Modules
iServer Data Exchange Data Exchange

iServer Data Exchange allows existing data to be imported into the repository. Such data includes lists of objects such as role catalogs, relationships such as RACI and metadata such as activity costs and metrics.

Data Exchange
iServer Diagram Exchange Diagram Exchange

iServer Diagram Exchange can translate diagrams from most tools into Visio diagrams, which can then be re-used within iServer. BPMN processes can be imported via XPDL or BPMN 2.0 XML.

Diagram Exchange
iServer BPM Connect Concept BPM Connect Concept

iServer BPM Connect Concept allows BPMN processes to be exported (using the BPMN 2.0 XML format) so that they can be imported into workflow engines or business process management suites.

BPM Connect Concept

Why do you need a BPA Tool?

We discuss the challenges faced by organizations starting out with business process analysis, and the benefits a BPA tool can provide.

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iServer Business Process Analysis Capabilities

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