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How iServer delivers a market leading, collaborative Enterprise Architecture modeling environment for Visio and Office users


iServer for Enterprise Architecture

The iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite provides enterprises with interchangeable Solutions to manage, govern and visualize Enterprise Transformation.

In terms of Enterprise Architecture, iServer delivers market leading capabilities which are designed to make your architecture modeling easy whilst delivering valuable insights and analysis to make your enterprise architecture project a success.

iServer Enterprise Architecture Capabilities

iServer's Enterprise Architecture Capabilities

The iServer Enterprise Architecture Solution has an extensive range of built in features, as well as bolt ons and customizable options that make it easy for your organization to adopt and imlement. We have highlighted some of the key features and capabilities that make iServer so successful amongst enterprise architechts.

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Support for Enterprise Architecture frameworks and standards

The iServer Enterprise Architecture Solution provides support for many enterprise architecture frameworks. By far the most popular are TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate, but customers also use other frameworks including the Zachman framework or MODAF / DODAF (defence) within the iServer Business and IT Transformation Suite.

You can read more about the support of these notations by clicking one of the links below.

Enterprise Architecture frameworks and standards
iServer support for TOGAF Modeling


The TOGAF Accelerator is a comprehensive toolkit that will enable your organization to align with The Open Group’s de facto framework and kick-start your EA initiative.

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iServer support for ArchiMate Modeling


The ArchiMate 2.1 Accelerator provides complete support for ArchiMate 2.1 within your architecture repository, providing comprehensive support including viewpoints and validation rules.

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Communicate with the Business

These modules make it easy for Architects and Analysts to share their repository models and documentation with stakeholders across the organization, including Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Executives, Process Owners and other employees.

Click one of the links below to find out how that module will help improve your enterprise architecture initiative.

Enterprise Architecture Communication Modules
iServer support for TOGAF Modeling

Live Documents

Server Live Documents allows business analysts and enterprise architects to quickly generate business process documentation and architecture deliverables – in Microsoft Word format - from the iServer repository.

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iServer support for ArchiMate Modeling

Reporting Services

iServer Reporting Services is an extension module used to create, manage and deploy reports. These reports extract information from the architecture or process repository for presentation to stakeholders.

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iServer support for ArchiMate Modeling


iServer Portal allows architects and business analysts to share their enterprise architecture and business processes online with the business for review and feedback in the form of comments.

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Integrate with other applications

iServer Integration Modules allow the import and export of repository models and data to and from other core applications within the organization.

When working with external systems or legacy software these modules can save time and money by quickly inputting and exchanging data or diagrams to and from the iServer repository.

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Enterprise Architecture Integration Modules
iServer Data Exchange

Data Exchange

iServer Data Exchange is an integration module allowing import and synchronization of data from external sources such as CMDBs, PPM tools or spreadsheets.

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iServer Diagram Exchange

Diagram Exchange

iServer Diagram Exchange allows you to migrate diagrams from Legacy Enterprise Architecture tools.

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Training and e-Learning

The iServer Learning Center is an integrated platform for iServer learning, support and reference resources, that can be launched directly from within iServer.

This convenient support and training platform ensures users are up and running on iServer in a number of days with minimum disruption, ensuring business needs are met and improving your return on investment.

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iServer eLearning and Training

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What is Enterprise Architecture?

Enterprise Architecture is a rigorous approach for describing the structure of an enterprise. A well managed Enterprise Architecture results in an effective enterprise.

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Enterprise Architecture frameworks and standards