ArchiMate® 2.1

The Enterprise Architecture Modeling Language from The Open Group

ArchiMate 2.1

What is ArchiMate®?

ArchiMate® is first of all a notation – a visual language - for describing enterprise architectures.

It includes a meta-model as well as a set of suggested viewpoints (templates), but unlike TOGAF® 9.1 it is not a methodology for developing enterprise architectures.

In fact, many iServer customers use ArchiMate® in combination with the TOGAF® 9.1 Architecture Development Method (ADM).

iServer's support for ArchiMate

What is the iServer Portal?

Complete support for ArchiMate 2.1 notation and meta-model

Support for the complete ArchiMate 2.1 notation and meta-model, including the recent motivation and implementation extensions

What is the iServer Portal?

Complete set of ArchiMate viewpoints

A complete set of ArchiMate viewpoints (provided as Visio templates)

What is the iServer Portal?

ArchiMate Diagram Validation

Visual aids to help you check the semantic correctness of your ArchiMate diagrams

What is the iServer Portal?

ArchiSurance Case Study

The ArchiSurance Case-Study from the Open Group, included for quick-reference

What is the iServer Portal?

Integrated repository

Integrated TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate 2.1 repository, when used in combination with our TOGAF 9.1 Accelerator

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