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A Reference Library of ITIL® best practice processes


What is ITIL®?

ITIL® is a Registered Trade Mark of the Cabinet Office.

The ITIL® Accelerator is a reference library of ITIL® best practice information, consisting of 150 BPMN process diagrams, checklists, instructions and guidance covering the five ITIL® disciplines.

The Accelerator consists of a preconfigured iServer repository (the process environment), loaded with BPMN style process diagrams, checklists, instructions and guidance notes cover the five core ITIL® disciplines.

Key Features of the ITIL Accelerator

Tailoring ITIL for your Organization

Tailoring ITIL 2011 for your Organization

Organizations may decide to adopt only a subset of the ITIL Framework and will therefore need to be able to tailor the Accelerator to suit their needs.

As iServer ITIL 2011 is delivered within the iServer Process Repository, information can be quickly added, deleted or amended, with the tailored version re-published instantly in the same easy to use format.

Due to the flexibility of iServer, and being a fully extensible tool, any other associated modeling needs can be accommodated in the same environment, use ITIL as part of your Enterprise Architecture initiative or as part of a wider Business Process Project.

Cost Effective

Cost-Effective Environment for ITIL 2011 Training

One of the challenges in adopting ITIL 2011 is ensuring that the business is properly trained. Our Accelerator provides a top-down, easy to navigate, web-based environment to guide people through the ITIL disciplines, whether they be in Incident Management, Configuration Management or any of the other areas covered by ITIL.

The solution not only leads users through the processes in a visual way, but also has 'click and go' access to associated instructions, guides and checklists to help ensure teams adhere correctly to the required disciplines.

Role profiles are also included to help IT Service Managers make sure they have the right staff to make their ITIL implementation a success.

Increase ITIL Awareness

Improve ITIL Awareness and Buy-in

Your organization may be in the early phases of ITIL adoption or be trying to gain business buy-in for a move to ITIL; either way, the iServer ITIL 2011 Accelerator can help.

As we have translated the complex ITIL handbook into a series of user-friendly, interrelated process maps and supporting documentation, the ITIL disciplines are easy to demonstrate and to follow, even for a non-IT audience.

You can use the web-based models to showcase ITIL, focusing on how an ITIL implementation can improve IT Services rather than on trying to explain the complexity of the method.

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