Develop and define the blueprint of your organization in line with the business strategy. Use iServer for your business architecture to ensure a clear model of how the enterprise interacts and delivers value.

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Central Repository for Business Architecture

The iServer central repository acts as a storage point for all business architecture related projects within the organization. The repository structure can be implemented according to the TOGAF repository structure, which enables architects to manage their deliverables, locate reusable assets, and publish outputs to stakeholders. In addition, iServer fully supports the TOGAF 9 Business Architecture meta-model, as well as other as well as other standards.

Templates for Strategic Guidance

iServer provides a core set of templates within the central repository to enable the ongoing development of the Target Business Architecture. The Business Model Canvas is a visual chart with elements to describe an organization’s business model building blocks, while iServer’s ‘Strategy-on-a-Page’ describes an organization’s strategy (drivers, goals, and objectives) aligned with core capabilities and initiatives identified.

The Business Motivation Model (BMM) provides a scheme and structure for developing, communicating, and managing business plans in an organized manner. It identifies factors that motivate the business plans, defines elements of the business plans and indicates their interrelationships. iServer’s Business Motivation Model drills down into drivers, associated goals and their objectives.

Capability-Based Planning

iServer provides an environment for capability-based planning to help the business architect understand and map the capabilities required to support the business strategy. iServer provides a number of out of the box templates to help with this, including the Microsoft Industry Reference Architecture for Banking (MIRA-B) , the Banking Industry Reference Network for Service Landscape (BIAN), and APQC’s Process Classification Frameworks (PCF’s).

iServer also provides a ‘Capability-on-a-Page’ template, which can be used to show resources required for a given capability, such as people, process, and systems. It uses heatmaps to highlight new, upgraded, and retired items. This quick reference diagram includes a capability gap chart showing baseline and target maturity versus importance, and a radar chart for maturity assessment with different dimensions, such as people, process, technology, methods, and the business environment.

Roadmap Visualization

iServer’s Business Roadmap Initiatives template provides an attribute driven project roadmap where projects are grouped by programs and shows the linkage between capabilities to be delivered and the business strategy elements they fulfil.

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