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A complete set of ITIL 2011 best practice process diagrams, ITIL resource library, and ITIL documentation

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iServer provides a complete set of ITIL best practice process diagrams modeled using BPMN 2.0, together with supporting documentation and resources. The ITIL model is based upon the ITIL 2011 documentation and spans all of the ITIL disciplines across the five Lifecycle Stages, guiding efficient IT service management within the organization.

ITIL Licensed Product

iServer is a licensed ITIL product, as recognized by AXELOS.

Key Features of iServer for ITIL

  • A central repository structured according to the five ITIL IT Service Management (ITSM) Lifecycle Stages
  • Model ITIL processes using the standard business process modeling notation, BPMN 2.0
  • Analyze the ITIL specification to report on process inputs and outputs and other components
  • Navigate ITIL Process hierarchies

Central ITIL Repository

iServer’s ITIL repository is arranged according to ITIL 2011’s five modules, and implemented in folder structures with each folder representing one of the Lifecycle Stages. Each lifecycle stage contains lifecycle processes, related data stores, inputs and outputs, as well as process diagrams and ITIL descriptions. Each stage also contains a role inventory and descriptions associated with each diagram. Users are able to drill down from high level processes to view more detailed process models.

Model with BPMN 2.0

Within iServer, ITIL processes can be modeling in Microsoft Visio using the modeling notation, BPMN 2.0. The repository is preloaded with over 100 Visio based, BPMN compliant diagrams of ITIL processes. This industry standard notation can be used to describe all objects and relationship types, making ITIL easy to reference and understand. Read more about iServer’s support for BPMN.

Analyze ITIL Components

The iServer repository can generate views on all objects and their relationships. The hierarchy view can be used to determine where object relationships exist across the repository and to dynamically view and maintain related objects already in the repository. The list view is a simple type of view used to create a list or catalogue information from the repository. Users can retrieve a single list of content regardless of their location and relationships within the repository. iServer also provides ITIL relationship matrices where users can query large amounts of relationships in the repository. This includes a RACI relationship matrix which defines the roles and responsibilities of the IT governance practice within the organization.

Navigate ITIL Process Hierarchies

View and navigate BPMN 2.0 ITIL process diagrams within the iServer portal or using the Visio diagrams. This allows users to drill down from high level ITIL stages, down to the detailed tasks recommended by this IT service management standard.

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