iServer provides a single source of truth for processes and related documentation. Its range of tools and standard support allow users to gain insight into business processes, and share this information with relevant stakeholders. iServer enables an end-to-end optimization of the process landscape.

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Central Standardized Storage Point for Processes and Documentation

iServer provides a central process repository as a storage point for processes and associated documentation, as well as standard process templates and a rule validation engine. iServer’s business process analysis capabilities support BPMN 2.0 for modeling standard business processes. BPMN Fast Draw in iServer provides a systematic modeling guidance that enables the creation of quick process models, which are stored directly in the iServer repository. iServer Process Simulator can be used to generate powerful process simulations directly from Visio process models stored in the iServer repository.

For a structured approach to business process improvement, iServer’s support for the Lean methodology contains a folder structure based on the DMAIC Process. Each phase contains templates including SIPOC, IGOE, Ishikawa (fishbone) Diagram, Value Stream Map, and Value Chain Map.

Communication and Collaboration

iServer Portal and iServer HTML Publisher enable process architects to share repository models and documentation with stakeholders across the organization, to receive comments and feedback. iServer Live Documents also enables process architects to generate business process documentation such as work instructions or process narrative, directly in Microsoft Word. Live Documents embed ‘smart components’ that keep the published content up to date with a single click refresh button. Check out iServer’s range of communication tools here.

Impact Analysis

iServer’s impact analysis tool helps architects visualize what processes, roles, and application support would be impacted during process change and optimization initiatives. Architects are able to gather information on the impact, priority and risk associated with each business process as well as any changes to a business requirement.

Complete Visibility of Process Architecture

The iServer repository provides a number of the APQC Process Classification Frameworks (PCF’s). This provides a complete view of industry specific process landscapes, allowing analysts to baseline existing processes against it, and reference and reuse APQC content. In addition, iServer’s Application Portfolio Management capabilities include a view application that support business processes, while the COBIT 5 Process Maturity Assessment (PMA) Excel in iServer enables benchmarking with industry standards.

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