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GDPR: A Guide for Compliance

GDPR: A Guide for Compliance

An easy guide with clear steps for reaching GDPR compliance

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Brace Yourself for GDPR

Everything you need to know about GDPR

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Behavioral Analysis Ideas for IT Governance

Learning nudge therapy

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COBIT 5 Principle 5 Separating Governance from Management

A short video looking at COBIT 5's Principle 5: Separating Governance from Management

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Video Series: COBIT 5 Principle 4 - Enabling a Holistic Appr…

A short video exploring the concept of COBIT 5 Principle 4: Enabling a Holistic Approach to your IT Gov initiative

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2015: The Highlights

For our last blog article of 2015, we round off with a few of this year’s highlights

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Video Series: COBIT 5 Principle 3 - Applying a Single Integr…

Principle 3 of the COBIT 5 Framework explores how to apply a single integrated framework

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Using Risk Scenarios: Expect the Unexpected

Fail to plan, and you plan to fail. In recent years, we have seen first-hand the somewhat exponential (re)emergence of Enterprise Risk Management

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Video Series: COBIT 5 Principle 2: Covering the Enterprise E…

A short video looking at Principle 2 of the COBIT 5 Business Framework, exploring covering the enterprise from end to end.

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Video Series: COBIT 5 Principle 1 - Meeting Stakeholder Need…

A short video giving an explanation of COBIT 5 Principle 1, meeting stakeholder needs.

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Video Series - COBIT 5 Enabler Dimensions and Performance Ma…

The 7 COBIT enablers are all described by a common structure which helps us both understand and use the enabler in practice.

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