Latest Visio Articles


Ensuring Accessibility in Visio

Are your diagrams accessible for everyone?

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Viewing Documents with Microsoft Visio Online

Bringing exciting new possibilities

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Visio Viewer for iOS Reviewed

First look at Visio on the go!

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2015: The Highlights

For our last blog article of 2015, we round off with a few of this year’s highlights

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Creating Organizational Charts in Visio

David Parker takes a step by step approach to creating an organizational chart using the features and functionality in Visio

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Simple Macros in Microsoft Visio with the Macro Recorder

This feature can be an excellent productivity aid, if you know how to use it, so I will explain a few fundamentals in this article

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Simple Network Diagrams in Visio

In this post, I explain how to create master shapes and stencils, and how existing masters can be amended locally within the Document Stencil

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Custom Shapes and Stencils in Visio

This article explains how to create master shapes & stencils, also describing how existing masters can be amended locally within the Document Stencil.

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