Over the last decade, new technologies, methodologies and competitors have forced organizations to address how they measure business performance. The newfound emphasis on cross viewpoint, cross-function analysis, along with strategic and operational decision support, has seen the emergence of enterprise business process analysis as an integral pillar of transformation initiatives.


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iServer helps you meet the demands of enterprise business process analysis, letting you seamlessly model processes, analyze areas of improvement and deliver real business value. The collaborative platform allows you to assess, manage and visualize process change throughout its lifecycle, as well as providing out-of-the-box support for industry standards and business process improvement activities.

Central Process Repository

Collaborate on business process models, activity diagrams, value chains and associated documentation using a centralized repository. The repository acts as the storage point for process diagrams, enhancing the Microsoft Visio interface for dynamic modeling, as well as integrating with other applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other features include role-based permissions, change management (versioning), import/export abilities and search.

Enterprise Architecture Integration

Document and share enterprise architecture artifacts from a central repository with other team members. The integration also utilizes the Visio modeling environment, role-based permissions, the validation rule engine and the ability to develop architecture roadmaps.

Modeling Capabilities

Design, collaborate and work to an industry standard with preconfigured support for BPMN 2.0, including diagram validation, fast draw capabilities, process simulation and Visio templates for all levels of process abstraction.

Visualize your Results

Support for Industry Standards

Support for Industry Standards

Leverage best practice frameworks and reference models including:

  • APQC’s Process Classification Frameworks
  • TM Forum’s eTOM Business Process Framework
  • The Open Group’s eMMMv Forum for the exploration, mining, metals and minerals industry
Process Improvement Metrics and MetaData

Process Improvement Metrics and MetaData

Capture process improvement metrics and process metadata such as costs, resources and waste indicators, utilizing the iServer out of the box business process improvement meta-model and attributes. Aligned to Lean, it provides a complete set of templates and diagrams, including SIPOC, IGOE, the Ishikawa (fishbone) Diagram, and Value Stream Map templates. iServer also enables optimization with the Lean process improvement methodology, including DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control.)

Extensive and Powerful Analysis Tools

Extensive and Powerful Analysis Tools

Make real-time decisions with iServer’s dynamic heatmaps, data-driven graphics and impact analysis. Dashboards and reports present key process information to executive stakeholders, while matrices allow relationships to be depicted and edited in bulk.

Analyze your Data


Share Content with Stakeholders

Communicate and share processes with all stakeholders for review and feedback. Deliverables include training materials, process narratives, work instructions, and business requirement documents.

Integrations with PPM Tools

Access project and program data to monitor progress and align business outcomes to operational tasks. iServer integrates with MS Project to facilitate innovation, productivity and engagement as process improvement is tracked from design to execution.


Crowdsource process improvement ideas from within the organization and collaborate and vote on ideas. Synced to iServer, all processes can be prioritised with the help of metrics, dashboards and impact analysis.

Customer Journey and Ecosystem Modeling

Model business operations and analyze client interactions in a larger operating model context, indicating how capabilities and other resources are deployed to deliver value. iServer also supports internal and external ecosystems, depicting user-generated content, and external content relevant to the processes or business operations.

BPMN 2.0 Starter Pack

BPMN 2.0 Starter Pack

Establishing consistent accessible models is essential to any enterprise architecture, portfolio management or process analysis. A robust framework such as the BPMN standard from the Object Management Group is a great choice to start with. 

Our Starter Pack will provide everything a firm needs to get started with the BPMN 2.0 standard, containing not just a clear introduction but Visio stencils and templates for use with BPMN 2.0. This pack is freely available to everyone, so don’t hesitate to take a look. 



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Smooth Implementation, Great Support and user friendly interfaces

Use of Global and multiple frameworks like TOGAF, BPMN2, UML and PPM. Easy adoption by modellers due to Microsoft Visio used as modelling tool. Easy user business adoption due to Browser Based Portal.

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