Reduce lead times and operational costs by applying a process improvement methodology to your business. iServer comprehensively supports Lean methodologies for business process improvement. The central repository provides organizations with a structured approach for successful business process improvement, and is built around the DMAIC method with a set of Lean templates including SIPOC, Value Stream Map and the Ishikawa Diagram.


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The Lean Accelerator is a package containing all the tools required to successfully implement the Lean methodology in an organization. This includes a preconfigured repository, comprehensive support for the BPMN notation, together with a number of tools that enable you to start identifying waste immediately and optimize the business.

Central Repository for Business Process Improvement

Central Repository for Business Process Improvement

iServer offers a structured approach to business process improvement. The repository folder structure is based on the DMAIC process; Define – Measure – Analyze – Improve – Control. This makes iServer easy to navigate, and also helps users select the proper Lean technique at each stage of the improvement process. A number of deliverables can also be created at each stage to further the improvement process.

Lean Templates and Stencils

Lean Templates and Stencils

iServer provides a number of attractive, out of the box templates and stencils in Microsoft Visio and Word formats. These enable users to:

  • Scope processes with a SIPOC or IGOE diagram
  • Generate a Project Charter with a Project Team Map and Stakeholder Analysis Chart
  • Visualize waste and potential causes on a BPMN process diagram
  • Perform a root cause analysis using an Ishikawa Diagram or Root Cause Analysis Diagram
  • Identify and prioritize solutions using the PICK Chart, and monitor and implement those projects with a Solution Roadmap
  • Use a Value Stream Map to analyze and design the flow of material and information required to bring a product or service to a consumer.
Business Process Improvement Meta-Model

Business Process Improvement Meta-Model

iServer provides a custom Lean meta-model, incorporating the BPMN 2.0 process modeling notation. It is also fully integrated with iServer’s BPA meta-model, allowing teams to incorporate a Lean approach with other business process analysis and improvement initiatives.

LEAN Accelerator Download

LEAN Accelerator Download

The Lean Accelerator from Orbus Software provides a structured toolkit to improve your business processes, including a preconfigured repository built around the DMAIC process improvement methodology. It supports multiple business process notations, includes a set of Lean templates such as a Value Stream Map, and integrates with the iServer Business Process Analysis Solution.


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