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Installation and Configuration

We provide configuration of iServer tailored to support your organization’s needs and objectives, whether it's for a new implementation, a specific project, or as a consequence of a new initiative and changing requirements. Our configuration and implementation services extend to the entire iServer application and all additional modules developed by Orbus Software.

Metadata Alignment, Configuration and Data Import

Organizations differ widely in maturity when it comes to data completeness, quality, and structure. In order to advise on, and implement, a data structure that best fits your reporting needs and working processes, we look critically at the data you have and what you are trying to achieve. Additionally, we provide either ongoing or one-off support for data import and system integration.

Role-based Experience

iServer permits the flexible definition of user-profiles that structure a user’s experience of the tool. This includes security and access rights, the content that can be created, how that content appears and where different teams work and interact. We help you map out these profiles and ensure iServer’s implementation is aligned to the collaboration needs of your business.

Reference Model Implementation

iServer’s flexibility makes it easy to use with a range of reference models and frameworks. If it isn’t one we provide out-of-box, we’ll work with you to integrate and implement it within iServer.

Installation and Configuration Flyer

Download the flyer to find out more about iServer's Installation and Configuration service.