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This AgileSHIFT certification course demonstrates how every aspect of an organization can benefit from improved agility. This includes IT, Finance, HR, and Legal, as well as employees with different skills and levels of seniority. When every department and individual contributes towards a culture of collaboration, the process of change becomes much smoother.

This course prepares learners with everything they need to succeed in the AgileSHIFT exam.

An Introduction to AgileSHIFT
This module presents a comprehensive overview of the course’s structure, aims, objectives, and features. It includes a learning plan, diagram pack, and a frequently asked questions section. Agendas and further reading lists are also included.

Module 1: Overview of AgileSHIFT
This module provides an overview of the AgileSHIFT approach, including its Principles, Practices, and Disruptors. The module also explores transformational and organizational relationships.

Module 2: A Changing Context
This module looks at the context for applying AgileSHIFT and how technological and social changes affect businesses. It also explores the rationale for the methodology.

Module 3: The AgileShift Framework
This module explores the AgileSHIFT framework, including its application within an organization. It also introduces the Principles and Practices of AgileSHIFT involved in building a more agile organization.

Module 4: AgileSHIFT Principles
This module examines each of the five AgileSHIFT Principles in detail. These include embracing change, the co-creation of customer value, and challenging the status quo.

Module 5: AgileSHIFT Practices
This module examines each of the 5 AgileSHIFT Practices in detail. These include engaging stakeholders, building collaborative teams, and measuring value.

Module 6: AgileSHIFT Roles
This module explains the roles and responsibilities of each group involved in building organizational agility. These include the roles of AgileSHIFT teams, coaches, and sponsors.

Module 7: AgileSHIFT Workflow
This module explains the details of the AgileSHIFT workflow and how it is implemented to build organizational agility. It also examines iteration start-up, go/no-go decisions, and closing out work.

Module 8: An AgileSHIFT Iteration
This module examines an AgileSHIFT iteration stage-by-stage. It covers iteration planning, daily stand-ups, and canceling an iteration.

Practice Exam Simulators
Learners are given the opportunity to practice in a simulated exam environment designed to mimic the AgileSHIFT Certification exam. This gives them the change to apply and refine their skills, support their learning, and embed their knowledge.

The course includes an exam voucher for the AgileSHIFT Certification examination, which can be taken virtually online using a service provided by PeopleCert.

  • Multiple-choice
  • 33 questions
  • 45 minutes (additional time will be available if English is not your first language)
  • Pass mark is 60% or 20/33
  • Closed-book

Please ensure that your device meets the system requirements before booking your exam. You can do so via this online test. Please visit the PeopleCert website for more information and guidance.

The AgileSHIFT framework can be applied at any level of an organization, regardless of department or seniority. Anyone interested in learning more about collaboration and cooperation as a means for enabling change will benefit from this course. Customer service teams and those involved in transformation programs will also gain valuable insights from this AgileSHIFT training course.

Organizations that can swiftly and efficiently respond to opportunities are in a strong position against their competitors. The robust cultural improvements that come with AgileSHIFT help to strengthen organizational performance. An agile business can bend and shape itself to thrive in today’s constantly-changing operating environment.


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