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Accredited by The Open Group, this ArchiMate 3 Practitioner (level 1 and 2) online training course provides professionals with a comprehensive understanding of the ArchiMate modeling language. 

Learners will explore the core concepts and terminology of the model, as well as its structure and implementation. They will examine how to customize the ArchiMate language, while also learning techniques for effective stakeholder presentation. 

The course helps individuals understand how this modeling language can be applied in practical scenarios across three key layers: Business, Application and Technology.  

ArchiMate is time-tested and vendor-independent. It is a lean and simple modeling language that provides precision on the core concepts of Enterprise Architecture. It easily combines with existing EA practices like TOGAF, without being prescriptive.

An ArchiMate 3 Certification allows professionals to efficiently identify and refine requirements, design EA models, and show how stakeholder concerns are being addressed.

Module 1: Introduction and Overview
An exploration of ArchiMate’s benefits, history and alignment with other standards.

Module 2: Certification Program
A look at the requirements for ArchiMate 3 Foundation (level 1) and Practitioner (level 2). 

Module 3: Basic Concepts of EA and ArchiMate
A description of the core concepts within Enterprise Architecture and the ArchiMate modeling language.

Module 4: Language Structure
An overview of the structure of the ArchiMate language, as well as its layers and framework.

Module 5: ArchiMate Generic Metamodel
An examination of the generic metamodel within ArchiMate, and a focus on relationships within Enterprise Architecture domains.

Module 6: ArchiMate Relationships
A description of the core generic relationships within ArchiMate: Structural and Dynamic Relationships, Grouping, Junction and Specialization.

Module 7: Motivation and Strategy Elements
A detailed look at the Motivation elements that guide the development or change of an architecture. An examination of the Strategy elements: Resource, Capability and Course of Action.

Module 8: The Business Layer
An exploration of the active, behavior and passive elements in the business layer of the framework.

Module 9: The Application Layer
An exploration of the Application elements of the framework.

Module 10: The Technology Layer
An exploration of the Technology elements of the framework.

Module 11: Physical Elements
An exploration of the Physical elements of the framework, including Equipment, Facility and Distribution Network.

Module 12: Cross-Layer Dependencies
A discussion around the relationships between the Business, Applications and Technology layers within ArchiMate

Module 13: Implementation and Migration Elements
Definition of the Implementation and Migration elements, and the relationships and dependencies between them.

Module 14: Stakeholders, Views and Viewpoints
A description of how to assess different stakeholder viewpoints and how to address any concerns identified.

Module 15: Language Customization
How to customize the ArchiMate language to fit specific industries, models and communication requirements. 

Module 16: Cross-layer Dependencies
An overview of the use of ArchiMate Certified Tools in EA modeling. 

 The course fees include an exam voucher for the ArchiMate Part 1 and ArchiMate Part 2 examinations, which are to be taken at a Pearson Vue center. Pearson Vue is an authorized examination provider for The Open Group.

ArchiMate Part 1

  • Demonstrate sufficient understanding of the framework
  • Multiple-choice
  • 40 questions
  • 60 minutes (additional time will be available if English is not your first language)
  • Pass mark is 60% or 24/40
  • Closed book

 ArchiMate Part 2

  • Demonstrate practical application of the modeling technique in given scenarios
  • Multiple-choice
  • 8 scenario-based questions
  • 90 minutes (additional time will be available if English is not your first language)
  • Pass mark is 65% or 26/40
  • Open book (an electronic copy of the specification is built into the system and becomes available in Part 2 only)

The ArchiMate qualification provides Enterprise Architecture professionals with evidence of their knowledge and proficiency in the language. This ArchiMate 3 Practitioner (Level 1 and 2) online training course equips Enterprise Architects to:

  • Efficiently capture stakeholder requirements 
  • Visibly address stakeholder concerns
  • Better meet the IT needs of their organization
  • Collaborate using a common language
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities
  • Demonstrate effective modeling skills
  • Maximize their earning potential

ArchiMate has been adopted globally by organizations to improve consistency and understanding in communicating architectural work. This course covers the most recent version of ArchiMate, which includes elements for modeling architectures at a strategic level. It also focuses on increased alignment with other popular standards, such as TOGAF, to enhance usability.

This course helps entire organizations to work according to a common language. It has a uniform structure that makes ArchiMate easy to learn and apply. This can improve interoperability, reduce risk and significantly reduce costs.

Key Features

Duration of access:  12 months

Training hours:  35 hours

Accredited by:  The Open Group

Training delivered by:  Good e-Learning

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