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  • Introduction to the IT4IT standard
  • Quizzes and revision modules
  • Expert tutor support
  • Certification of completion

The first section of the course introduces students to the IT4IT standard and its role in modern businesses.

The second section delves deeper into the technical aspects of the standard. It looks in detail at the IT Value Chain, IT Value Streams and the IT4IT Reference Architecture.

The last two sections of the course invite students to consider the benefits of employing the standard within an organization and the impact it can have on various roles.

Module 1: What’s the Story?

Module one provides an overview of the current state of the IT industry, with a focus on digital disruption and its impact on businesses. It then looks at the role of the IT4IT standard in supporting IT managers in response to this environment. 

Module 2: The IT4IT Standard in Detail

This module explores the IT4IT standard in detail. This includes an intimate look at the IT Value Chain. It also provides an explanation of the IT4IT Reference Architecture and a description of each Value Stream:

  • Strategy to Portfolio (S2P) 
  • Requirement to Deploy (R2D)
  • Request to Fulfill (R2F) 
  • Detect to Correct (D2C) 

Module 3: The Benefits of Using the IT4IT Standard

This module examines the benefits of implementing IT4IT and its potential value to organizations. It includes a look at each Value Stream, as well as the Reference Architecture.

Module 4: IT4IT Benefits per Stakeholder

Module four provides an overview of the IT4IT approach from the perspective of stakeholders. It looks at the impact of IT4IT on each stakeholder group, including business users and IT service providers.

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Professionals who take this training course will learn how to:

  • Describe the need for IT4IT in the context of a changing IT environment
  • Understand the basic concepts of the IT4IT Reference Architecture and the IT Value Chain
  • Identify the benefits of the IT4IT standard for modern businesses
  • Demonstrate a good understanding of the four Value Streams and the structure of the IT4IT certification program

Whilst there is no formal assessment as part of this IT4IT training course, we still realize that retaining knowledge is all about being able to repeat and apply skills. For this reason, we provide quizzes throughout the course to help students test their understanding.

The IT4IT standard offers a holistic approach to IT, encompassing all business-related IT functions. The IT4IT Reference Architecture provides organizations with full visibility across the IT Value Chain. 

Training your employees with this course will develop their awareness of the IT4IT standard. It will provide insights into the benefits of adopting the IT4IT framework for businesses, and enable them to follow a solid prescriptive reference architecture. This, in turn, will help them to address the common challenges faced by IT managers in the age of digital disruption.


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6 months

Training hours:
6 hours

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Good e-Learning

Certification of completion

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