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Sparebanken Vest implements iServer for their Business Process Improvement initiatives

Sparebanken Vest implements iServer for their Business Process Improvement initiatives






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Sparebanken Vest is an independent, listed financial services group engaged in banking and financing activities. Established in Western Norway and headquartered in Bergen, Sparebanken Vest has provided continuous banking services to the region since 1823. Sparebanken Vest provides financial services to both the private and corporate sectors, with 54 branches across the counties of Hordaland, Rogaland, and Sogn & Fjordane.

With a relatively new focus on process management, Sparebanken Vest was in need of a tool that would allow its Business Process Improvement team to better maintain and publish process information within the organization. It was with this goal in mind that, following a thorough evaluation of several vendors, Sparebanken Vest chose to implement Orbus Software’s iServer in 2011.

The Challenge

Before implementing iServer, the BPI team at Sparebanken Vest faced certain challenges that complicated their work. There was a lack of standardization across the organization, and viewing the impact of change across multiple domains was a manual process. Additionally, collaboration was severely limited, and there was no easy way for the team to share information with the wider business audience. There were also significant limitations on the re-use of artifacts and processes.

Importantly, the team were already using MS Visio for modeling, and MS Office – specifically Word, Excel and PowerPoint – for their process related documents. As such, when deciding on a tool it was important that the one chosen would allow them to continue leverage their existing investment in Microsoft, as well as be easy to use.

Sparebanken Vest’s main goal was to establish a Process Repository to act as a central source of truth for the organization, which would enable inter-linking. It was important that by implementing a tool, the team would have the ability to link process related documents and procedures, and be able to view the impact of change across multiple business domains and processes. This in turn would enable informed business decisions. It was also important for them to be able to share with their staff, best practice, business processes, and related documentation to ensure consistency in their internal processes. The adoption of a standardized notation such as BPMN 2.0 was also a key requirement.

Selecting iServer

Sparebanken Vest chose iServer as their preferred tool over a several other vendors for a series of key reasons. iServer was easily the best match with the organization’s requirements, as well as being the least expensive solution that the team evaluated. Importantly, the implementation of iServer also represented a low risk solution, as the MS office file format support meant the existing documentation could be re-used, whereas other tools would have required conversation to a new file format. The team also commented that the great overall impression of the vendor, and the excellent service proved by all its representatives, were key factors that influenced their choice to go with Orbus Software and iServer.

The Results

Sparebanken Vest’s Process Improvement team continue to use iServer as their process library, with positive results. iServer Portal is used for sharing process information with the wider business audience, and plans are already in place for connecting Portal with an internal process site based on SharePoint. In addition, BPMN Web Modeler will soon be used by extended teams. This is aimed to make the collaboration between the core and extended teams less time consuming. iServer continues to help Sparebanken Vest achieve efficiency in their BPI initiatives.

Why iServer?

Since implementation, iServer has solved the problems and challenges originally faced by the Process Improvement team. Today, iServer now serves as the process library where all relevant process documentation is maintained. Used in combination with the modules of iServer Portal and iServer BPMN Web Modeler, organization-wide collaboration is now possible, particularly in terms of sharing process information with the wider business audience. By implementing iServer’s Business Process Analysis Solution, Sparebanken Vest were able to align their practices and processes with BPMN 2.0, ensuring standardization. Overall, this has facilitated consistency in process modeling techniques and enabled collaboration between IT, Consultants, and Business Analysts. Additionally, because iServer is compatible with Microsoft, the uptake of the tool across consultants, analysts and the general business was very easy.

Sparebanken Vest identified the key features of iServer that particularly benefit their BPI initiatives:

  • MS Visio and MS Office compatibility.
  • Standardization.
  • Central Source of Truth.
  • Facilitates organization-wide visibility.

Since its implementation in 2011, iServer has served as Sparebanken Vest’s process library with positive results, and has helped the organization’s Business Process Improvement team to increase efficiency

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