How can I calculate attributes on a property?

Asked: 09/01/2017

 have some iServer Objects that have a calculated Property, so the value is calculated by a formula that sits in the Shapesheet Shape Data field. When I drag the object onto my diagram for the first time it correctly calculates the Value, which is derived from the name of a Container where I put the Object. If I then Commit the diagram and check it in everything is fine UNTIL I come back to edit the diagram at a later time. I now move the Object from one Container to another, and nothing changes in the value of the Shape Data field. I then look at the Formula in this Shape Data field and find that iServer has converted it from the original formula to a literal value. What is going on here? Is there another way to do this? I want this value to appear as a Property in the Object.

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asked: 09/01/2017

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