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Creating a new shape

You can use Visio’s drawing tools to create shapes.

  1. Create a shape. Go to the HOME tab on the ribbon, and use the drawing tool in the tools section:


  1. Add a shape name. Select the shape > Developer tab * > Shape Name. Add the shape name and then click OK.

3. Close the window in order to save the shape. Select Yes to this prompt:

Creating a new shape by re-using an existing shape

It is possible to reuse shapes from stencils.

1. Open a diagram containing your shape

2. Drag the object type of your choice onto the drawing

3. Copy it

4. Return to the stencil you are creating

5. Right-click on the object type > Edit Master > Edit Master Shape:

6. Paste the copied shape.

7. Select the shape and select Shape Name on the Developer tab * in order to change the name of the object. Select OK.

8. Close the window to save the shape. Select Yes to this prompt:

* If the Developer tab is not visible on the ribbon, right-click on the ribbon > Customize the Ribbon > Advanced tab > General section > tick Run In Developer Mode:



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