Value on Investment

Orbus Software is committed to making your iServer implementation a success. We offer a bespoke Value on Investment Programme that encompasses your entire journey from start to finish. VOI begins with the first conversation you have with us and continues throughout your evaluation of iServer. During implementation, your dedicated consultant will work with you to define your tailored VOI criteria and will present you with a plan for acheiving it. This page allows you to track the progress of your iServer journey, and helps demonstrate the value your organization is getting from iServer, through a checklist of goals and benchmarks.

Your VOI criteria are listed below:


How is my score calculated?

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  • Criteria



    Complete Date

  • Statement of work showing key criteria for establishing good VOI agreed


  • Installed iServer

    iServer and its components have been installed in both your test and production environments.


  • iServer repository tailored to your requirements

    iServer offers a starting point for your architecture or process modeling by aligning to the most common industry frameworks. By implementing your customized 'metamodel' in iServer, you will be able to align to your requirements, answer your team’s questions, and communicate information to the stakeholder audience.



    iServer's repository aligned with your chosen standards and frameworks



  • iServer populated with your organization's data

    You may have important information regarding your Enterprise Architecture and Business Process Analysis that you want to import in to iServer



    Legacy Data Migrated


    Legacy Diagrams Migrated


    Data Imports Configured


    Scheduled feeds from external tools established (e.g CMDB's, PPM Tools)


    Existing diagrams Imported


  • Key viewpoints and visualizations established

    By exposing data through views, stakeholders are able to achieve useful insights into the information within your organization. Such information can be used for architecture or analysis projects. Stakeholders can contribute information easily ensuring the data is kept up to date.



    Company logo added to key visualizations


    Visualizations conformed to company notation and color scheme


    Views established



    Visualizations established



  • Stakeholder visibility increased

    iServer enables you to set up executive dashboards, reports and analysis through a set of tools. Orbus offer a set of out of the box reports, and also have a dedicated report building team on hand to assist with creating custom reports and dashboards..



    Dashboards configured and deployed


    Reports configured and deployed


    Portal enabled for wider stakeholder audience


    Portal "landing pages" established


    Portal feedback functionality established for the audience


  • Impact Analysis Improved

    Understanding the impact of change across the organizational environment is critical for planning any transformation. iServer enables configured visualizations for quick and structured impact analysis. These can be saved in iServer, which allows users to launch them at any time.



    Impact analysis visualizations established



    Impact analysis documentation established



  • Governance around content creation established

    iServer offers a workflow capability which allows you to manage and govern changes to the repository information, and establishes a set of controls for content creation and approvals. This means you can implement a governance process for your initiative. It also means there is an established version control management process to help you manage your documentation.



    Workflows and approvals established


    Governance processes establised


    Version control management established


    Working practices documented


  • Skills around iServer and Standards developed (e-Learning)

    Many courses are available in iServer’s Learning Center. You can define personalized learning for you and your team, which will educate on how to work with iServer. The Learning Center offers a leaderboard to help you track your team’s progress, as well as certificates for each completed course.



    Users trained and accredited on iServer


    Users trained and accredited on industry standards



    Users self-sufficient with the administration of iServer


    Users self-sufficient with training new staff on iServer


    Tailored training materials for iServer produced