Benefits of ArchiMate

Describe, visualize and analyze the relationships between business domains in your enterprise using iServer

ArchiMate allows you to describe, visualize and analyse your business structure in a defined and controlled manner. iServer helps you determine the impact of change across the organization, ensuring you make informed decisions that support the business strategy.


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Clarity and consistency are key in the efficient communication of architecture throughout an organization and across business domains. ArchiMate provides this by setting out a common modeling language enabling both enterprise architects and stakeholders to work and make decisions according to the defined framework of the ArchiMate meta-model.

Align with Industry Standards

The ArchiMate framework is a standard modeling language for developing enterprise architecture and is supported by an active community managed by The Open Group. This means that the standard will always be updated with industry best practices and other maintenance fixes. There are also a good number of ArchiMate certified professionals worldwide. 

Ensure Organization-Wide Consistency

ArchiMate in iServer provides consistency in modeling across all architecture domains. It ensures that representations of your architectures are modeled using a common language in a clear and unambiguous way. Read how you can use ArchiMate with other modeling standards.

Tailored Communication to Stakeholders

ArchiMate is a high-level language for communication with stakeholders. It helps your stakeholders understand the required amount of information about aspects of the enterprise they’re concerned about. The ArchiMate standard viewpoints are a collection of representations of your enterprise, which can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific stakeholder group.

iServer can also provide stakeholders with guidance. With ArchiMate models, stakeholders will be able to design, assess, and communicate the consequences of any decisions and changes and direct impact to the business and its customers.

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