Benefits of using iServer for Enterprise Architecture

Realize the benefits of iServer with this cost effective and long term enterprise architecture tool

iServer for Enterprise Architecture is a fully customizable solution, specifically designed to fit any organization’s business needs. With a Visio interface, users require minimal training, creating a fast start that saves considerable time, cost and effort. And with iServer’s range of analysis tools, you can keep track your long term ROI and maintain stakeholder confidence.


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A Collaborative Architecture Practice

A lack of central repository for enterprise architecture can result in inconsistent diagrams, duplication of content and effort, and inaccuracy due to lack of collaboration. iServer’s configured repository provides a shared environment for architecture teams to produce diagrams and documentation. With standards such as TOGAF® and IT4IT, users can benefit from best practices to facilitate consistency and communication. You can also create roadmap diagrams to see the planned transition of your architecture, share content with stakeholders, and perform change impact analysis.

A Long Term, Cost Effective Option

For organizations already using a proprietary tool, user interfaces can be complex, unfamiliar, and difficult to customize. This can very quickly lead to an expensive shelf-ware tool. With iServer providing a repository leveraging Microsoft Visio for diagramming and the Office suite for documentation, architects are able to use their preferred tools, saving time and effort. This ensures a quick uptake by new users and minimal training. The iServer suite can also be completely tailored to each organization’s individual needs.

Assess the Impact of Change

With iServer’s range of analysis tools, users are able to perform change impact analysis and manage change of the architecture. This in-depth analysis allows organizations to reduce the risk of change through traceability across all levels of the business. Component level version management, with roll-back and archive features, provides support for change governance.

Engage your Business with High Quality, Attractive Visuals

Presentation is critical – many other EA tools produce confusing and unsightly diagrams that are constrained by a lack of formatting options and limited notations. One of the reasons that our customers enjoy using iServer is the ability to produce engaging, high quality, attractive diagrams that really resonate with business and executive stakeholders alike. iServer has first rate presentation tools and great looking visuals for stakeholder engagement.

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