FEAF Benefits


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Facilitate Communication

The six reference models of FEAF are thought of as being highly interconnected. Professionals in an EA practice likewise need to act as a single unit. In order to help achieve this degree of coordination, iServer facilitates the sharing of information inside as well as outside the agency thanks to its solid communication modules. This lets architects quickly communicate insights to relevant stakeholders, which also speeds up decision making to the benefit of the entire organization.

Eliminate/Minimize Waste & Duplication

With iServer, users are able to get a firm understanding of their application or infrastructure landscape, and then plan their investments accordingly. In the real world, this often means identifying areas that are underserved, or where resources are wasted.

Reduce Costs

A major benefit of deploying FEAF in iServer is the ensuing cost reductions. This is due to the users being able to complement the framework’s methodology and best practices with our platform’s solid functionality. Whether it be impact analysis or roadmapping a transition plan for the future, you and your department can be certain that the first class work you are producing is making a real impact on the organization.

Implement & Safeguard Standardization

FEAF adopters will find iServer of great help when it comes to governing their architecture. The platform’s extensive governance capabilities ensure that administrators keep the quality of the repository at a very high level and different stakeholder groups optimally informed according to their clearance level.

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