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Application Architect

The role of application architects revolves heavily around identifying gaps and redundancies, which is why iServer is such a useful platform for these users. Thanks to its analysis and planning capabilities, it simplifies the process of identifying opportunities for sharing, reusing or renegotiating licenses.

If the department is conducting Application Portfolio Management, then using iServer makes even more sense if you consider its first class search and impact visualization functionality – finding ways of minimizing the cost of IT within a government agency becomes more straightforward than ever.

Business Architect

Business architects are concerned with how (and how well) federal agencies fulfil their functions. Their job is to look at the federal government using a business functions view rather than an organizational one. This promotes cross-agency collaboration. iServer aids business architects and analysts by allowing them to allowing them to apply the FEAF framework adequately and providing them the most effective business analysis and decision support tools.

Security Architect

Security architects have a crucial role in the ensuring the continued success of any organization. Because security is integral at all levels of a government agency, it needs to be introduced into all the various sub-architectures of the EA. iServer lets users customize the platform’s meta-model and implement the security framework they deem best for their needs – HIPAA etc. It also offers great governance capabilities, which enables them to effectively balance compliance and risk reduction.

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