The #1 Choice Enterprise Architecture Tool for Educational Institutions

The #1 Choice Enterprise Architecture Tool for Educational Institutions

iServer is a leading software platform that is used by hundreds of organizations around the world to implement their business and IT transformation plans. 

Find out why a number of the top educational institutions select iServer as their EA tool of choice in this free brochure. 

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This brochure includes:

  • Benefits For Educational Institutions  See how educational institutions can leverage iServer
  • iServer Education Customers – A list of some of our current customers from within the Education Sector
  • Gartner Peer Insight  100+ verified customer reviews of iServer

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Central Architecture Repository

Central Architecture Repository for managing collaborative modeling

Microsoft Visio Integration

Continue using Visio for modeling and diagramming

Analysis & Decision Making Tools

Analyse and make decisions with accurate, up-to-date information

Generate Architecture Roadmaps

Visually describe your business and IT organizations over time