TOGAF 9.1 Benefits

The benefits of using iServer to develop your TOGAF architecture

TOGAF provides a set of industry standards for architects to develop their enterprise architecture against. This ensures models are created consistently to global best practices, whilst being flexible to adapt to your business requirements.


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Align to Industry Standards

Collaborative modeling practice requires standardization if it is to succeed long term. iServer’s flexibility enables configuration to the industry standard, The Open Group Architectural Framework, TOGAF. This means that your organization’s enterprise architecture (EA) development can be based on a global de facto architecture framework and best practice. It also provides flexibility, to easily define and adapt the meta-model content, object types, and notations, to suit your organization’s specific requirements.

Encourages Collaboration and Consistency

iServer supports multiple users consisting of small, large, dispersed or federation EA teams. Models can be stored in the central repository, reused, updated, and maintained with added versioning controls. This encourages collaboration, modeling consistency, and reuse of models among EA teams.

Time and Cost Reduction

Existing enterprise information created in Microsoft environment can be imported into the repository and utilized for further architecture development. This encourages reuse of existing enterprise data created outside iServer and saves time that would otherwise be required to recreate new architecture content. Also, with low learning curve, it reduces training costs overheads, and provides access to architecture content to a wider Visio-user audience.

Make Informed Decisions

iServer supports EA analysis with the use of heatmaps and impact analysis tools. This improves the ability to analyze dependencies across multiple layers and domains of your architecture, which can support executive stakeholders in making informed decisions. Its range of communication tools also give team the ability to make critical business information available to senior executives.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your enterprise architecture.

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