Architecture Vision

The initial phase of the ADM

Phase A: Architecture Vision

Phase A provides a clear Statement of the Architecture Work that will be delivered in an iteration of the ADM. It also provides the Vision of the proposed enterprise architecture. This sense of direction is vital for guiding the work throughout this iteration of the ADM.

The Statement of Architecture Work defines the program of works to develop and deploy the architecture outlined in the Architecture Vision. And it is the Vision that provides the high-level aspiration of the capabilities and business value that the proposed enterprise architecture will deliver.



Phase A: Approach

Starting with the Request for Architecture Work, Phase A provides a tool (this Vision) that sells the benefits of the proposed capability to stakeholders and decision-makers within the enterprise.

Business Scenarios are used to understand the business requirements and help articulate the architecture requirements implied by the required capability.

This is documented in the Statement of Architecture Work, which is used to build consensus to support the final architecture. Consensus is represented when the sponsoring organization signs this document.

Phase B: Business Architecture

A key objective in the Business Architecture phase is to develop a Target Business Architecture that shows how the enterprise can achieve the Architecture Vision and address the Request for Architecture Work.

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