What is UML?

What is UML? A brief description of the Unified Modeling Language, developed by the Object Management Group

The Unified Modeling Language or UML is a general-purpose, developmental, modeling language which has become the de facto industry standard for visualizing the design of an object-oriented software system. It has been owned and managed by the Object Management Group since 1997. It is one of several standards that is supported by the iServer Business and IT Transformation suite.


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UML provides a means to visualize a system's architectural blueprints in a diagram, including elements such as:

  • any activities
  • individual components of the system and how they can interact with other software components
  • how the system will run
  • how entities interact with other components and interfaces
  • external user interface

UML proved so successful that eventually, it ended up being used in other areas such as business modelling, or modelling non-software systems. A UML diagram is a partial graphical representation of a model of a system (either under design or already in use). It contains graphical elements, such as nodes connected with edges, but may contain additional documentation written as text.

The language defines two categories of diagrams, although there is no formal interdiction against combining different types of diagrams.

Structure diagrams show the static structure of the system and its parts and how those parts relate to each other on different abstraction and implementation levels. The elements in a structure diagram represent the meaningful concepts of a system and may include abstract, real world, and implementation concepts. Behaviour diagrams, on the other hand, show the dynamic behaviour of the objects in a system, which can be described as a series of changes to the system over time. 

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