iServer's central repository allows users to collaborate and share blueprint documentation, increasing efficiency and improving accuracy. Over the course of the implementation, these improvements in efficiency can reduce project costs and deployment time whilst ensuring the project aligns to business requirements.


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ERP projects are notoriously time consuming, costly and complex. They are also high risk, with many organizations depend on underlying ERP systems to operate. When implementing or upgrading ERP systems, it’s essential that the underlying business requirements, or ‘Blueprints’, are quickly and accurately defined and correctly communicated to the teams responsible for configuring the ERP landscape.

Reduce ERP Implementation Lifecycles

ERP Implementation requirements need to be gathered from many disparate teams and departments across the organization. This is often a complicated and time consuming process. The iServer repository provides an optimized and shared environment for process modeling teams to capture and refine ERP process requirements, in the standard BPMN 2.0 notation. This avoid duplication of work and ensures a single source of truth for all the teams involved in the implementation or upgrade.

Reduce Project Costs and Risks

One major challenge when implementing ERP systems is the risk of requirements being ‘lost in translation’ between the business teams who define them, and the technical teams who configure the live system. With iServer, complete and verified Blueprints created in the iServer environment can be deployed directly into SAP Solution Manager meaning the technical teams have the same view of the requirements as the business. This direct integration minimizes time taken to create projects on Solution Manager and avoids costly errors during translation. See iServer SAP Connect in action and read more about how it can benefit your organization’s SAP implementation.

Clear and Accurate Business Blueprints

For many organizations who are implementing or upgrading SAP, one challenge is the time taken to create blueprint documentation from scratch when there are strict project milestones to adhere to. iServer allows existing standard business SAP processes in SAP Solution Manager to be imported directly into the iServer repository, where they can be easily customized, greatly reducing the time needed to either create new Blueprints or update your current SAP Blueprint project landscape. Read more about how iServer can improve your SAP Blueprinting.

Aligned to Business Requirements

iServer enables the alignment of ERP to core operational processes and business requirements. This ensures better alignment ERP to the business requirements and enables the communication of processes to stakeholders for approval and sign off, saving time.

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