iServer uses a single repository for your modeling teams to store and collaborate on their ERP process requirements in the form of Visio models. With pre-defined SAP entities in the repository, you are able to share, review and validate your blueprints with the option to import from and deploy to SAP Solution Manager.


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Central Repository for ERP Blueprints

The iServer central repository provides a shared environment for process modeling teams to capture and refine ERP process requirements, in the standard BPMN 2.0 notation, and create new ‘Blueprints’ (scenarios, processes and procedures,) for implementing or upgrading your ERP solution. iServer builds on the Microsoft Visio environment, providing a familiar and easy interface for users to model business Blueprints.

ERP-Centric Process Structure and Templates

SAP Blueprint in iServer provides pre-defined SAP entities, including Scenarios, Business Processes, and Process Steps, as well as a Transaction library out of the box, allowing for the fastest start to any Blueprint phase of the SAP implementation lifecycle. Read more about SAP Blueprint in iServer.

Share, Review, and Validate ERP Blueprints

Blueprint documents often contain process models that are incorrect or out of date when sent out to the technical configuration teams. With iServer, business analysts and process modeling teams can ensure up to date and correct Blueprints by publishing process and procedural content out to all stakeholders for direct feedback and verification, prior to live system configuration.

Import and Update Blueprints from SAP Solution Manager

Existing Business Blueprints in SAP Solution Manager can be imported into the repository via iServer SAP Connect for customizing or updating. This greatly reduces the time needed to either create new Blueprint definitions or update your current SAP Blueprint project landscape. See iServer SAP Connect in action and read more about how it can benefit your organization’s SAP implementation.

Deploy Blueprints into SAP Solution Manager

Complete and verified Blueprints created in iServer can be deployed directly via iServer SAP Connect to update or create new Blueprint projects in SAP Solution Manager. This direct integration minimizes time taken to create projects on Solution Manager and avoids any errors during translation.

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