iServer provides an optimum modeling environment for teams to capture, share and validate ERP business process requirements. iServer enables a structured change management approach, so you can oversee and guide the development and implementation of an ERP system.


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How will iServer help me?

ERP Consultant

iServer provides you with a collaborative process modeling environment for generating process blueprints for implementing or upgrading your organization’s ERP system. It uses the industry standard BPMN 2.0 modeling notation, giving you the ability to collaborate with other process experts. With iServer SAP Connect you can also deploy your process blueprints into SAP Solution Manager.

ERP Change Analyst

iServer enables you to conduct a structured change management approach, with ability to understand your ERP implementation project lifecycle and simulate ERP processes prior to deployment to understand the impact of change.

ERP Manager

iServer helps you to oversee and guide the development of your organization’s ERP system implementation. With a single central repository, you can capture and validate business process requirements for change and identify opportunities within the existing infrastructure. You can also benefit from validating the quality of business process blueprints and successful completion of ERP implementation.

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