Business Blueprint is the project phase during any SAP implementation or upgrade when you capture the enterprise’s requirements and define how your business processes and organizational structure are to be represented or ‘realized’. Like any requirements gathering activity, SAP Blueprinting is essential to the success of the resulting SAP implementation and project success.


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Central Repository

iServer provides a central repository, preconfigured to allow modeling of processes in the context of SAP Scenarios, business processes, process steps and transactions.

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BPMN 2.0 Notation

SAP Processes are auto generated on Visio diagrams using predefined BPMN compliant templates. These templates allow users to model SAP and BPMN 2.0 compliant diagrams.

SAP-Centric Process Structure and Templates

The SAP process hierarchy is imported and captured in iServer. Business Scenario objects drill down into Business Processes, which further decompose into diagrams with Process Steps. Transactions and Logical Components are also related to Processes and Process Steps. Predefined templates for business processes and scenarios are also included as part of the blueprint database. These templates contain SAP Specific objects, such as business scenarios. iServer can also help users visualize relationships between scenarios, processes, logical components and transactions.

SAP Process Portal and Publication

Once process models have been created or updated in the context of SAP, other iServer capabilities can be leveraged to ensure the most up-to-date and accurate business blueprints are provided for SAP configuration teams. These include iServer Portal to ensure all stakeholders can view and sign off on any new or amended process and iServer Live Document module which lets modeling teams generate SAP Blueprint documents in the familiar Microsoft Word environment.

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