What is SAP Blueprint?

A definition of SAP Business Blueprint

Business blueprinting is the project phase during any SAP implementation or upgrade when you capture the enterprise’s requirements and define how your business processes and organizational structure are to be represented or ‘realized’. This phase includes those activities, events, milestones and deliverables that are considered to have global project management significance. 


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All business blueprints are the result of the project design tasks. So, since this is a foundational step in the SAP implementation process, a comprehensive approach to the SAP Business Blueprinting is necessary to design a solution that accurately reflects the enterprise landscape. In other words, it is not sufficient to merely map the IT systems. Instead, the business blueprint should illustrate the strategy of the organization in detail, defining all processes across all business areas.

It goes without saying that, like any requirements gathering activity, SAP Blueprinting is an essential stage in ensuring a successful SAP implementation and an overall positive project outcome. Of course, no amount of planning, however diligent, is going to yield the expected results without having the buy-in from the entire enterprise, especially high level management figures.

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