iServer helps organizations analyze, audit and manage their governance, risk and compliance by consolidating governance and risk documentation into a central repository


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A Centralized Repository

iServer acts as a single source of truth, facilitating the management of governance, risk and compliance. Information can be documented from a familiar collaborative environment, rather than spread across isolated locations

Risk Analysis, Traceability and Mitigation

Import and generate risk registers from operational or other third party tools. Users can perform impact analysis and generate reports on hot-spot areas of the business where controls should be assessed and tested

Visualize your Results



Use built-in best practice frameworks to review audit activities and governance structures and processes on a continual basis

Reporting and Communication

Reporting and Communication

Support and two-way integration with all Microsoft Office and Visio document types ensures consistent governance and compliance reporting standards

Risk Management

Risk Management

Visualize and analyze the dissemination of risks across the business process and technology landscape. Direct resources and set goals accordingly, targeting vulnerable areas of the organization

Analyze your Data


Views and Dashboards

Gain valuable insights through a powerful and reliable Views and Dashboards system. Instantly communicate information to desired stakeholders, often by combining data from multiple areas of interest into an array of dashboards

Decision Support and Analysis Tools

Make real-time decisions with dynamic heatmaps, data-driven graphics and impact analysis. Dashboards and reports present key process information, while matrices allow relationships to be depicted and edited in bulk

Templates and Models for Strategic Guidance

Enable the ongoing development of the desired architecture using out-of-the-box templates.

Document Management

Streamlined Audit and Regulatory Compliance

Keep detailed records and audit trails, and use templates and reports to support compliance activities. Use analysis tools to ensure new regulations are applied correctly, while identifying any compliance gaps

Clarify Business Strategies

Easily view the relationships between enterprise and corporate directives, as well as the lower level IT-related goals. Harness insight into business alignment, supporting an outcome driven approach to IT management and governance.

Audit Efficiency

Reduce business disruption with out-of-the-box reports, guidance, and assessments that ensure governance and compliance structures can be fully documented.

Integrated Risk Management Poster

Free resource

Integrated Risk Management Poster

Integrated Risk Management is a new discipline aimed at reducing the ever encroaching risk of new technologies. As with any new discipline, organizations will need to know what it encompasses and how it can help.

Orbus have put together a poster to give an overview of Integrated Risk Management and the benefits it can bring, including key definitions and the types of risk contained within integrated risk management. Take a look and see how it can help your governance, risk and compliance measures.



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