Benefits of using iServer for GRC

Manage your GRC efforts more effectively

Using iServer to manage your GRC helps you to understand risk, ensure regulatory compliance, clarify and align to your business strategies in an effortless and efficient solution. You'll benefit from streamlined business processes, quality data, information and integrated risk and control mechanisms.


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Effectively Manage Risk

To understand the impact of risk, it is essential for organizations to be able to centrally capture, manage, and track these risks and associated controls. With iServer, users are able to visualize risk, and analyze the dissemination or aggregation of risks across the business process and technology landscape. This gives organizations the ability to direct resources and set goals to target high risk areas of the business.

Streamline Audit and Regulatory Compliance

Using iServer’s powerful analysis tools, the introduction of any additional regulations applied to your organization can be managed and their impacts assessed. By aligning operations to an industry standard baseline such as COBIT 5, SABSA, or ISO 27001/2, iServer can assist in identifying any compliance gaps, allowing organizations to focus resources and minimize impact to the business. Learn more about the full range of standards and frameworks supported by iServer.

Clarify Business Strategies

The iServer GRC repository allows users to easily view the relationships between enterprise and corporate level goals, as well as the lower level IT-related goals. The insight into business alignment allows for a holistic approach to IT strategy, and supports a business outcome driven approach to IT investment management and governance.

Increase Audit Efficiency

Auditing, both internal and external, can be an expensive and disruptive process for any organization. With out of the box reports, guidance, and assessments accessible directly from within the GRC repository, both internal and external audit efficiency can be increased substantially. Governance and compliance structures can be fully documented and related to an organization context, and working papers can be stored and managed directly in the GRC repository. This reduces business disruption often associated with IT audits by streamlining search and information gathering activities. iServer impact analysis tools also assist in assessing the materiality of audit findings.

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