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The iServer GDPR Accelerator is a comprehensive toolkit that offers support and guidance to organizations who are in the process of achieving GDPR compliance. The solution features a recommended methodology that was developed on the basis of the twelve step guide put forward by the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, as well as best practice tools to assist users involved in the GDPR program. 

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The GDPR Accelerator is a comprehensive toolkit designed to guide organizations as they outline and implement a structured path towards compliance. Instead of wasting time and resources building a strategy to answer the Regulation requirements from scratch, you can opt to receive iServer already aligned to a framework based on ICO’s recommendations. The framework together with the tools enable users to quickly identify an organization’s data flows and develop a strategy addressing vulnerabilities.


Compliance Resources

These resources act as a starting point for the compliance program. They provide a solid base for building frameworks and operating methodologies that will accelerate adoption and help to fully integrate the GDPR program into the organizational ecosystem.

The iServer GDPR Accelerator does more than just help organizations avoid financial penalties. It enables them to drive extra value in the long term by rationalizing the data and process landscapes. This creates transparency, reduces risk and streamlines operations, contributing to a more successful enterprise.


  • Proven methodology based on the ICO's guidelines
  • Set of templates for each stream, including Data Lineage Model, Data Domain Model, Data Lifecycle Management Model, Information Security Policy and GDPR BPMN Model
  • Set of dashboards for the Data Privacy Officer and other roles
  • Built-in meta-model extension to existing frameworks & notations such as TOGAF ®/ArchiMate and BPMN
  • Pre-defined set of attributes to capture GDPR information
  • Best practice guidance, such as Operating Model/Procedure, Information Security Maturity Assessment, Breach Protocol, and Consent Checklist
  • Aligned and linked to other GRC standards including ITIL (Information Security Management & Incident Management) and ISO 27001


Ensure Best Practice

The GDPR Accelerator helps users by providing a recommended methodology for developing their data governance program. The methodology is based on the twelve steps officially prescribed by the ICO for organizations seeking GDPR compliance, which it transforms in order to better suit businesses’ needs.

The solution allows stakeholders to get more work done faster thanks to the numerous conceptual tools it places at their disposal, such as data-relevant models and guidelines. The accelerator also makes it possible to integrate with existing frameworks and notations (e.g. TOGAF, ArchiMate, BPMN via its built-in meta-model extension capability.

Audit the Data Governance Program

The GDPR Accelerator is aligned to widely employed GRC standards, including ITIL 2011 and ISO 27001. What’s more, the solution provides users with best practice governance documentation, and enables full traceability by making it possible to determine the impact on data on enterprise systems and processes.

An integrated Feedback and Workflow engine makes auditing the data governance program accessible and ensures the right steps are in place to safeguard the integrity of the initiative.


GDPR Accelerator Flyer

An overview of the iServer GDPR Accelerator, designed to help organizations kick start and sustain a long term GDPR initiative. It provides flexible, ICO compliant templates and guidelines that act as starting points for an organization’s GDPR program across four key streams: Legal/Compliance, Data, Technology, and Security/Privacy.



What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Highly Customisable yet Intuitive EA Platform

    We are a technology company who develop an IT system that is used within the UK utilities market. The reason for our wishing to implement iServer was twofold, firstly to maintain and track a detailed model of our product and secondly to allow us to implement a TOGAF based architecture function.

    Head of Development in the Mining, Resources and Energy Sector - read the full review

  • Simplicity at its best!

    Extremely simple & innovative way to EA - two thumbs up!

    Senior Principal Architect in the Communication Sector - read the full review

  • Cost-effective EA tool

    We have been satisfied with the products and the vendor. The timeline for major release slipped once, but the vendor was completely transparent and delivered what they promised.

    Architect in the Manufacturing Sector - read the full review

  • Better functionality and ease of use than competitors at a lower price point

    Excellent Implementation, Great Customer Service, and product lived up to sales claims

    Chief Enterprise Architect in the Manufacturing Sector - read the full review

  • Vendor relationship is fantastic and the product suits our environment perfectly.

    The vendor is very responsive to any and all issues I report. They take the time to ensure your environment is setup properly the first time. Training was very focused and they were willing to answer all questions I threw at them.

    Enterprise Architect in the Support Services Sector - read the full review

  • Seamless Architecture Integration

    Have been working with Orbus Software since 2008 when we began to develop an enterprise architecture. We have found the company to be responsive to changes in the IT world and willing to work with customers to design solutions that work best for them.

    Enterprise Architect in the Support Services Sector - read the full review

  • A very user-friendly experience!

    A simple tool understandable by our business and manageable by a small team. The support team is very nice and reactive!

    Project and Process Manager in the Finance Sector - read the full review

  • Simple implementation with good vendor consulting to get us started

    Easy to work with vendor, simple technology to implement, good training

    Manager IT Governance and Architecture in the Manufacturing Sector - read the full review

  • A Quick Start Enterprise Architecture Tool

    Great vendor support. Continues improvement of the product and very proactive in implementing the new versions.

    Enterprise Architect in the Finance Sector - read the full review

  • Very easy to get started with

    Works well in an MS Office friendly environment where the users already have an affinity for Visio and are focused on visual representation.

    Enterprise Architect in the Finance Sector - read the full review

  • Flexible, user-friendly tool which is highly configurable and affordable.

    iServer has met our requirements and expectations. Orbus have provided attentive and timely support throughout our relationship. Have seen many of our suggestions for product improvement added to the development pipeline and then added to the iServer product suite. In the past promises of new versions and features were not meeting promised release dates, but over the last couple of years Orbus has done a much better job of delivering against their roadmaps

    Director Enterprise Architecture in the Services Industry

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