Who should be using iServer’s GDPR capabilities?

Ensure you are achieving GDPR compliance using iServer

Achieving GDPR compliance can be a complex process, especially for very large enterprises who may have a convoluted organizational structure and decentralized, independent IT policies. Ensuring the program is successful will require a concerted effort from your IT team, the CIO, the newly created or appointed Data Protection Officer etc. iServer helps to keep these members informed and productive as you advance towards GDPR compliance.


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As a C-level executive, the CIO has to constantly switch between different stakeholders fighting for their attention. With so many projects to oversee, they require feedback that contains succinct, essential information. iServer is very adept at condensing any progress update in a concise form and then delivering it to a specific audience. In this case, the architecture team may create an Information Security Maturity Assessment using the GDPR accelerator and then make it accessible to the CIO via iServer Portal, even if they are out of office.

Data Protection Officer

DPOs are responsible for supervising the implementation of the data security strategy. The iServer GDPR Accelerator benefits them by granting access to a valuable, proven methodology for pursuing GDPR compliance based on the Information Commissioner’s Office guidelines. Additionally, the solution puts at their disposal a set of data privacy-relevant dashboards that make it easy to stay on top of work progress and ensure all GDPR requirements are met.

Application Owner

Owners of applications that deal with personally identifiable information of EU residents must be informed of any changes to the application landscape that might be underway. iServer's role-based permission capabilities and wide range of communication modules make granting a stakeholder the exact amount of access very easy. Since in all likelihood these stakeholders will only have a limited understanding of an organization’s full IT landscape, the iServer GDPR Accelerator’s set of predefined models will serve to raise their awareness of the environment. Whether they need to document changes to their product or access data-relevant models, application owners will be supporting in their own turn the business’ transition towards GDPR compliance.

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