Improve your organization’s ability to prevent and respond to cyberattacks

NIST is a cybersecurity framework designed to help organizations increase their level of cybersecurity by clarifying exposure to risk. As one of the most mature and flexible platforms available on the market, iServer is the perfect medium for deploying the framework successfully within your company. iServer will help architects implement NIST quickly and effectively, helping to accelerate time to value for the entire enterprise.


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NIST Meta-model

iServer offers full support for the framework core out of the box. Also, since iServer is one of the most easily configurable EA platform available, it allows users to easily change the meta-model. What this ensures is a high level of independence for the architects, but also great framework-customizing capabilities. Implementing NIST, or modifying the meta-model to create your own version of NIST, can be accomplished very simply and further development of your practice requires little to no intervention from our consultants.

NIST Cyber Security Framework

Powerful Security Architecture Visuals

Whether your audience has a business or IT background, presentations are more effective when information is presented in a beautiful package. iServer offers impeccable visuals that quickly get the message across and secures stakeholder buy-in. Whether you’re using the platform’s Hierarchy Views to explain the flow of data through the enterprise, or impact analysis visualizations to showcase the consequences of a server breach, you can be certain your audience will find your presentation easy to understand and derive value from them.

NIST Framework

Governed NIST Architecture

No security architecture practice is worthwhile if it is not properly maintained and governed. With iServer, however, you benefit from documentation consolidated into a central repository, a range of out-of-the-box templates for audit and compliance activities, as well as offering capabilities for compliance reports.

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