Benefits of iServer for NIST

Improve your organization’s ability to prevent and respond to cyberattacks

NIST is a cybersecurity framework designed to help organizations increase their level of cybersecurity by clarifying exposure to risk. As one of the most mature and flexible platforms available on the market, iServer is the perfect medium for deploying the framework successfully within your company. iServer will help architects implement NIST quickly and effectively, helping to accelerate time to value for the entire enterprise.


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Here are the main benefits of using iServer to implement NIST for your local enterprise architecture practice:

Improve Collaboration

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework aims to help organizations raise their level of security. Because of this company-wide scope, security architects will need to engage effectively with stakeholders from other departments. iServer features a number of great communication modules that help users disseminate information throughout the enterprise, as well as a Workflow tool which is well-suited to involve relevant roles in the decision-making process.

Prove Due Diligence

Thanks to the platform’s many high-quality deliverables (models, dashboards, matrices etc.), users can easily demonstrate due diligence during audits. This safeguards the company from financial and reputational losses.

Optimize Budget Allocation

Understanding security spend and making certain it gets suitable funding can prove difficult. Often times, companies waste money through inadequate/unnecessary cybersecurity measures. Establishing NIST as a recognized security standard in iServer lets you build, visualize and manage your cybersecurity needs based on priority. As such, you maximize benefits while ensuring efficient utilization of security budgets.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to develop your IT governance, safeguard against risk, and ensure compliance by clicking here.

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