Who benefits from iServer for NIST?

Understand how you and your team can benefit from implementing NIST using iServer

NIST allows organizations (irrespective of size, degree of cybersecurity risk, or cybersecurity maturity) to apply solid principles and best practices of risk management in order to improve the security and resilience of critical infrastructure. It acts as a great collection of standards, guidelines, and practices that work effectively and produce good results in the present environment. The framework offers valuable organization and structure to any enterprise’s security architecture practice. 

Here is a list of roles that benefit from the organization taking up the NIST Cybersecurity Framework:


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Security Architects

Security architects will find the wealth of cybersecurity references very useful in their effort to increase their organization’s level of security maturity. NIST CSF brings much needed structure and guidance to what can be a massive endeavor, depending on the size of the enterprise.

Business Architects and Analysts

Business architects and analysts can benefit greatly from having a mature cybersecurity architecture put in place. Because NIST supports the alignment of security projects and investments with business drivers, it highlights the most crucial initiatives. As such, it provides a clear image for BAs of where funds should be allocated, what projects drive most value for the enterprise as a whole and elicits waste.

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