Application Portfolio Management

Efficiently catalog, manage and improve your portfolio of software applications using iServer


iServer enables organizations to inventory and manage their application and technology portfolios in a single central location, capturing relevant information such as costs, lifecycle dates, ownership and health assessments. This inventory allows managers to identify business benefits of each application and make better decisions on reducing costs and improving your organization's IT application portfolio.


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Application Portfolio Management Homepage

iServer provides an APM web-based homepage, from which users can navigate to all sections of the portfolio and analyze it from a number of different perspectives. When the homepage is launched, users can select the iServer library they want to analyze.

Application Scoring

iServer provides templates and meta-data fields that enable users to measure applications against business fit, technology fit, business dependence, and potential contribution metrics. The results of scoring exercises can be visualized by iServer’s APM templates, in Microsoft Visio or using bubble charts and roadmaps.

APM Dashboards

iServer provides a range of out of the box dashboards including Application Scoring, Total Cost of Ownership, Operational Improvement, and Strategic Improvement. These web-based dashboards enable users to drill down into each application for more detailed information.

Enhanced Reporting and Views

iServer enables detailed reporting on both the application and technology portfolios. The application portfolio view shows a comprehensive list of all applications in the portfolio including total cost of each application, lifecycle status and complexity which is counted by the number of relationships the application has to other applications. In the technology portfolio, there are several views that can be generated including general view, details view, lifecycle view, and cost view. iServer’s APM business view shows the number of applications supporting business processes and functions and the costs associated with each application in the portfolio.

Preconfigured Application Meta-Model

iServer for application portfolio management (APM) is preconfigured to capture specific application meta-data such as application cost and application ownership. It also supports the capture of application lifecycle information such as initial live dates, decommission dates, and vendor support status and dates. These are fully configurable and customizable to your organization.

Read more about iServer’s extensive IT portfolio management capabilities.

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