Benefits of iServer for Application Portfolio Management

Streamline investment and budgets associated with your portfolio of application software using iServer

Selecting the right application portfolio management solution is key for an IT organization, as project managers need to manage maintenance costs, constant updates and changing lifecycles. Ensure your portfolio is agile, streamlined and focused on business critical application using iServer for application portfolio management.


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Improved Visibility

Information pertaining to application assets is often distributed, and duplicated across many spreadsheets, databases and tools. This complexity reduces the holistic understanding of the asset base, making it difficult to make the right decisions. With iServer, organizations are able to significantly improve the visibility of their application inventory. This means they can better assess the health, quality and value of applications, identify and retire redundant applications, and understand the business impact of change across the application portfolio.

Eliminate Redundancy and Duplication

Organizations often have duplicate systems, purchased because people were unaware of existing resources, or inherited as a result of a merger. iServer offers a complete, up to date view of the application landscape, enabling users to quickly and easily identify redundant or duplicate applications, greatly reducing overall operating costs.

Improved Stakeholder Engagement

CIOs need to determine the best course of action for their organization, but without a clear insight into the application portfolio, it is difficult to make the best investment and development decisions. With iServer’s selection of APM dashboards, executive stakeholders are able to understand the application and technology portfolios at a single glance.

Perform Long Term Evaluation

It is important to be able to view the application and technology portfolios with a long term outlook. iServer helps you generate roadmaps to present and show the transformation of your organization’s application portfolio over time. This ensures you are able to make informed decisions about the transformation of your applications, with a better understanding of the risks and application compliance.

Learn how you can benefit by using iServer to optimize your IT portfolio management.

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