How will iServer for Application Portfolio Management help?

Understand how iServer can help you assess and improve your application portfolio

iServer helps managers and analysts maintain an inventory of the organizations application and technology assets from a single central repository. All relevant information is captured and stored against the objects so you can perform analysis, measure performance against objectives, understand the impact of change across the portfolio and see the risk of planned investments.


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Application Portfolio Manager

You will be able to use iServer to lead the implementation and maintenance of all applications within the portfolio. You will also be able to maintain an inventory of your organization’s application and technology assets from within a single, central repository capturing relevant information such as lifecycle dates, ownership, and performance checks.

Head, IT Portfolio Governance

iServer will help you establish and lead a program of transformation projects to improve strategic alignment of your organization’s IT portfolio, performance, and ROI. You will be able to conduct application scoring exercises to evaluate application performance and business fit, measure performance against specific strategic objectives, and understand change across the portfolio using iServer’s Impact Analysis Visualizations.

IT Investment Portfolio Manager

iServer will help you oversee and manage the entire lifecycle of IT investments across the organization, develop and design metrics and KPIs to measure performance of the portfolio, and engage in advisory role to senior management with regards to benefits/risks of current and planned IT investment decisions.

Business Analyst

Using the information in the iServer APM Portal, you will be able to determine which applications support the key business processes, and compare their technical and business fits to the organization. This means you will be able to align the application portfolio with the business strategy, and use the APM dashboards to monitor how these changes impact business performance.

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