Benefits of using iServer for IT Porfolio Management

What are the benefits of IT Portfolio Management?

IT Portfolio Management allows you to rationalize your IT applications to meet business needs and deliver value. iServer allows you to manage your costs, ensure your IT and Business goals are aligned and effectively communicate change to stakeholders and the wider enterprise.


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Manage Costs

Without the ability to manage the lifecycle of information technology assets, organizations can face spiraling costs of IT licensing and maintenance. iServer makes it easier to manage the lifecycle of your IT portfolio. It also improves the ability to make informed decisions about the transformation of applications including long term evaluations, understanding the cost of IT over a period of time, reducing risks, and ensuring application compliance with regulations. It helps to identify gaps, overlaps and improvement opportunities. This ensures a high value support for the business, enabled by IT capabilities.

IT and Business Alignment

iServer’s IT portfolio repository enables the integration of your organization’s portfolio by providing access to a ‘single source of truth’ for all application and technology information. This enables better IT and business alignment by joining up application portfolio management (APM) with enterprise architecture and business process information for both a high level and detailed views of the organization. As a result, decision making is more effective because all aspects of the organization are in focus.

Rationalize your Application Portfolio

Cross-domain analysis is essential to managing an organization’s IT portfolio effectively. iServer supports the ability to perform impact analysis across all domains, the ability to manage IT portfolio from a single platform, and allows for better IT and business alignment. iServer assists in rationalizing the application portfolio by helping decommission low value, high cost applications, and consolidating high value applications, ensuring lean, efficient IT operations.

Effective Communication

A lack of transparency leads to poor decision making. iServer increases the visibility of the portfolio information and initiatives within the business. Application Portfolio Management dashboards are web based and easily accessible by all stakeholders including non iServer users, enabling consistent communication with key stakeholders in the wider business. Learn more about iServer’s Application Portfolio Management dashboard and reporting tools.

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