iServer's IT Portfolio Management Capabilities

Manage your IT Portfolio from a central Visio repository

iServer provides a central repository for you to catalog all your application and technology assets, with portolio views and dashboards available to assess your portfolio, analysis tools and roadmap capabilities to understand how your portfolio will change over time.


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Central IT Portfolio Repository

iServer offers a central IT portfolio repository to catalog all your application and technology assets. The repository enables you to inventory and manage your application and technology portfolios from within iServer’s enhanced Visio modeling environment, capturing relevant information such as cost, lifecycles dates, ownerships and health assessments. Application and technology information can also be imported from spreadsheets and other third party data sources, including configuration management databases, using iServer Data Exchange.

Portfolio Views and Dashboards

iServer provides portfolio views and dashboards that supply live and updated information, to support cross-domain analysis, integrated reporting and decision analysis. Impact analysis visualizations can be used to identify applications that are supported by legacy technology components, and to assess the impact on business processes if these applications or technologies are retired. A range of reports, views, and Visio templates including application scoring are also available to measure performance and reveal how the application landscape supports key business processes and functions, as well as aligning with the business strategy.

Generate Roadmaps

iServer provides dynamic roadmap diagrams, useful tools for presenting how the application and technology portfolio will change over time, and for determining licensing and maintenance costs over time. Examples of different types of roadmap visualizations from iServer include:

  • Application roadmaps showing applications that are ‘phased in or phased out’ over time, and associated cost increases or reductions
  • Technology roadmaps that show support for technology standards over time

Publish Portfolio Information

iServer enables the communication of your portfolio and portfolio analysis to stakeholders. Application and technology portfolio information and reports can be published directly on the organization’s intranet. A variety of reports, views, and dashboards are provided out of the box, each representing varying perspectives for different stakeholders. Read more about iServer’s range of communication tools for IT Portfolio Management.

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