The Learning Center has re-located!

Orbus Software is excited to introduce the next generation of iServer’s Learning Center, the iServer Learning Ecosystem. It is an upgraded platform for you to access your elearning and iServer resources from one single, central location.

How do I access the new Learning Ecosystem?

You can login using your old Learning Center username and password using the login form.

If you are a new user or don't have a login, please register via iServer.

  • 1. Open iServer and sign into your iServer Account.
  • 2. You will be directed to the Learning Center once signed in.
  • 3. Complete the registration process using the email address related to your iServer account.

Remember once you have registered you should bookmark for easy future access.

What can you expect?

Single Source

Account information, resources, e-Learning, and support are now provided from one central location. Accessible from iServer and the Orbus Software website.


Find all your e-Learning courses, including your iServer e-Learning and courses purchased from Good e-Learning, in a new format. You will be able to see both your own progress and your teams’.


You will find all the resources Orbus has published, including webinars, best practice guides and white papers in the Learning Ecosystem, with improved filtering and search functionality.

Watch the Learning Ecosystem video