TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1

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TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1

Enterprise Architecture / TOGAF® Business Architecture Level 1
  • Deeper understanding of Business Architecture
  • More detailed business architectural elements
  • Fully certified by The Open Group
  • Optimized organizational efficiency and a clear focus on business goals

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Key Features

Duration of access:
6 months

Training hours:
7+ hours

Accredited by:
The Open Group

Training delivered by:
Good e-Learning

Number of simulated exams:

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Business Architecture, a specialization of Enterprise Architecture, is the study of the business elements of organizational structures, such as capabilities, information, and processes. It looks at the purpose of the organization in question, as well as how it achieves its business goals. The ultimate goal of Business Architects is to take this sense of clarity and perspective and use it to drive both efficiency and profitability.

This TOGAF Business Architecture online training course explores organizational structures and processes within the context of the TOGAF Standard. The standard has been built using industry best practices and is suitable for both experienced business architects and those just starting in the field.

This TOGAF Business Architecture Level 1 course delivers a solid guide to the core concepts of TOGAF Business Architecture. Each concept is explored in turn, including:

  • Business Capabilities
  • Business Modelling
  • Information Mapping
  • Value Streams
  • TOGAF business scenarios

The course also examines how to develop business architectures in the context of the TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM).

Benefits for Individuals

Benefits for Organizations

Course Outline


  • Six months’ access from the date of purchase to complete your training
  • 7+ hours of online training content
  • An interactive and engaging training experience
  • Exam voucher
  • Exam simulator with two mock/practice exams
  • Additional revision modules
  • Searchable microlearning units and modules
  • On/off tracker
  • Access through multiple devices
  • Offline player for studying on the move
  • Access to Orbus’ Learning Ecosystem, including:
    • Detailed personal performance report
    • Enrolment in a community for business and IT professionals
    • Free resource center (articles, case studies, white papers, etc.)
    • Support suite
  • Tutor support
  • Study schedule

What is enterprise architecture?

‘Enterprise architecture’ is the design and creation of ‘architectures’ of organizational and IT infrastructures. EA best practices govern how architectures are put together and how the different elements interact. EA provides clarity for organizations about how to align IT and business goals, while also supporting major infrastructure change and IT growth.

What is TOGAF?

The TOGAF standard is a globally-recognized architecture framework. It is a valuable tool that enables the design, evaluation, and building of the right IT architecture in an organization. It forms the cornerstone of Enterprise Architecture initiatives in organizations of all industries, sectors, locations, and sizes.

Who owns the TOGAF standard?

The TOGAF 9 standard is owned and developed by the members of The Open Group, a body consisting of many of the world’s Fortune 1000 companies as well as several major IT vendors.

What kind of organization is the TOGAF standard suitable for?

Organizations of any size, sector, and industry can use the TOGAF standard. Enterprise Architecture is a common practice in modern IT organizations that seek to maximize efficiency and manage complex strategies with as much focus and perspective as possible. This has led to an increased demand for TOGAF-certified architects.

Organizations that want to deploy the TOGAF standard should rely on certified enterprise architects to ensure it is implemented correctly.

Is this TOGAF Business Architecture course accredited?

Yes, this TOGAF Business Architecture course has been accredited by The Open Group and is delivered by our learning partner, Good e-Learning. GEL is an accredited training provider for The Open Group.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no prerequisites for the TOGAF Business Architecture examination.

What does the TOGAF certification path look like?

The first step is TOGAF Foundation (Level 1), which is a prerequisite to the TOGAF Certified (Level 2) exam. The Essentials and Implementation courses can also be taken without passing an exam. There are no prerequisites for sitting the TOGAF Business Architecture exam.

How much is a TOGAF certification worth?

A recent evaluation by Payscale puts TOGAF-certified professionals in the $85,000 to $202,000 (£39,000 and £202,000) bracket. This includes enterprise, solutions, and technical architects working in various industries around the world.

What is the duration of this course?

The seat time of the course is 7 hours. This can cover all the learning modules, revision modules, module-level assessments, and mock exams.

How long can users access this course?

Learners receive six months of access from the purchase date of the course.

How long is the exam voucher valid for?

The exam vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

How can the exam be taken?

Pearson Vue is an authorized provider of the TOGAF 9 Foundation examination. Once you complete the course, contact our support team on and request your exam voucher, which can be used to book and take the exam at any Pearson Vue test center.

For further information, please contact us at

Does the course include a manual?

The course does not include a manual.

What is an exam simulator?

The purpose of the exam simulator is to provide learners with a simulated environment for taking mock exams. They are timed and scored on the simulator.

What is a revision module?

The revision module is designed to provide learners with a summarized revision of the key topics covered in the course. The module also includes tips that can help learners with their exam preparation work.

How does the on/off tracker work?

The online tracker provides an ideal time duration to complete the course. It gives users a reminder when they go off-track. Please note that the tracker is an optional feature that works on a recommended timeframe. It does not have any impact on the duration of user access.

Which Learning Management System (LMS) does the course use?

The Docebo LMS is integrated into the Orbus Learning Ecosystem.

What are the minimum system and browser requirements?

Click here to view the latest system and browser requirements for efficiently running this course.

How can I get help?

For tutor, technical and administrative support please mail us on

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

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Key Features

Duration of access:
6 months

Training hours:
7+ hours

Accredited by:
The Open Group

Training delivered by:
Good e-Learning

Number of simulated exams:

Free Exam Voucher

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