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Key Features

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6 months

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30 hours

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About the Course

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a world-class IT Service Management (ITSM) framework. Organizations across the globe rely on ITIL for guidance and direction on how to develop, manage, and continuously improve their IT services.

‘ITIL Operational, Support, and Analysis (OSA)’ is one of the four ITIL Intermediate Capability modules. It is designed to offer practical insight and practices for OSA while also demonstrating how to achieve operational excellence.

The course provides students with a thorough understanding of Event, Incident, Request, Problem, Access, Technical, and IT operations, along with Application Management. Students will learn everything they need to know in order to pass the official ITIL Operational Support and Analysis (OSA) examination. At the same time, they will also come away with practical insight into applying ITIL OSA practices to real-world organizations.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Operational Support and Analysis
This module introduces the core concepts of OSA activities within the context of the ITIL Service Lifecycle. Learners will come to understand the value of OSA to businesses, as well as the scope of OSA processes.

Module 2: Event Management
This module provides an overview of the objectives, scope, and importance of Event Management in generating business value. Event Management is described in terms of policies, principles, and concepts. The associated designs, activities, methods, and techniques are also examined in detail.

Module 3: Incident Management
This module outlines the process of Incident Management and how it contributes to OSA practices. The key concepts of Incident Management are developed and examined in full, including its scope and value to businesses.

Module 4: Request Fulfillment
This module covers the objectives, scope, and importance of the Request Fulfillment process. Candidates will be expected to understand the core policies, principles, and concepts of the process in relation to the Service Lifecycle.

Module 5: Problem Management
This module provides an overview of Problem Management and its importance in generating business value. The details of policies, principles, and activities are examined, as well as the context of Information Management and OSA practices.

Module 6: Access Management
Access Management is examined in detail, providing an understanding of the process in terms of OSA practices. Learners will be asked to describe the scope, value, and policies of Access Management. They will also need to understand the associated Critical Success Factors and Key Performance Indicators within the Access Management process.

Module 7: The Service Desk
This module provides an overview of all the essential objectives, scope, policies, and principles of an effective Service Desk function. It also examines the role of the Service Desk, describing appropriate structuring, staffing, and outsourcing options. Learners will also come to understand Performance Management in relation to the Service Desk.

Module 8: Common OSA Functions and Roles
Several Service Operation functions contribute to OSA practices, including Technical Management, IT Operations Management, and Applications Management. This module explains each function’s roles, objectives, and activities in relation to OSA.

Module 9: Technology and Implementation Considerations
This module describes the concerns which need to be taken into account when implementing technology in order to empower Service Management process capabilities. It focuses on the specific technology functions required for OSA practices. Learners will be asked to describe how to support technology for process capabilities, as well as implement service management technologies.

Module 10: Exam Preparation
This module covers exam preparation for the ITIL Operation Support and Analysis examination.


The course includes an exam voucher for the ITIL Operational Support and Analysis examination, which can be taken virtually online using a service provided by PeopleCert.

Key considerations for the exam:

  • A complex multiple-choice exam with eight scenario-based questions
  • 90 minutes (additional time will be available if English is not your first language)
  • Pass mark is 70% or 28/40
  • Closed-book
  • Earn four credits on successfully passing to go towards taking the ITIL MALC examination

Please ensure your device meets the system requirements before booking your exam. You can do so via this online test. Please visit the PeopleCert website for more information and guidance.

Benefits for Individuals

Studying ITIL Operational Support and Analysis gives learners essential knowledge of the processes involved in delivering IT-powered services. Students of this course will come to understand how services map to the requirements of businesses, enabling them to better integrate IT operations.

Any professionals involved in delivering IT services can benefit from the course, including:

  • Configuration Managers
  • Application Support Managers
  • IT Operations Managers
  • Network Control and Operation Managers
  • Database Administrators
  • Incident Managers
  • Network Support Managers

The course is also relevant for stakeholders involved in OSA processes and functions, along with anyone who contributes towards enhancing the quality of IT services.

Benefits for Organizations

Training employees in OSA equips organizations with the tools to maximize the availability and utilization of their IT services. Solid and widespread knowledge of essential ITIL IT skills improves service delivery and IT operations. It can also help multiple departments to adopt early warning techniques in order to swiftly address operational risks and challenges.

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

Key Features

Duration of access:
6 months

Training hours:
30 hours

Accredited by:

Training delivered by:
Good e-Learning

Free Exam Voucher



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