Implementing TOGAF® 9 in a Tool

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Implementing TOGAF® 9 in a Tool

Product Training / Implementing TOGAF® 9 in a Tool
  • Designed and developed by enterprise architecture (EA) tool experts
  • Critical and holistic approach to the TOGAF standard
  • Translate framework concepts from theory into practice
  • Tailor the TOGAF standard to real-world scenarios using tools
  • Accelerate time-to-value application of the framework

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Key Features

Duration of access:
6 months

Training hours:
5 hours

Training delivered by:
Orbus Software

Certification of completion

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Developed by the members of The Open Group, the TOGAF standard is a globally used enterprise architecture framework and standard that enables organizations to design, evaluate and build IT architectures.

While training can provide professionals with in-depth knowledge of the TOGAF standard framework, newly certified practitioners are often uncertain about how to bridge the gap between theory and practice.

This course provides a practical interpretation of how to apply TOGAF 9 using the context of an enterprise architecture tool. The tool used will be Orbus Software’s business and IT transformation suite, ‘iServer’.

Though prior knowledge of the TOGAF standard will be beneficial for those taking this course, no experience of working with iServer is required.

The course starts with a high-level recap of the key areas of the TOGAF standard as well as the supporting functionalities found in EA tools. It then delves deeper into the Architecture Development Method (ADM), exploring how architecture strategies and visions (built around key business questions) can be supported by tools.

The key to successful implementation of the TOGAF standard is tailoring its key concepts. This will be covered in the course, with a particularly strong focus on stakeholder requirements and concerns. The course will then move on to the actual delivery of architectural views across business, data, application and technology domains while using tools to support analysis and communication.

The summary module will recap the key factors that make EA practices successful and how the TOGAF standard framework can support this alongside tools.

Benefits for Individuals

This online training course can help professionals to:

  • Develop a deep understanding of how the TOGAF standard concepts translate from theory into practice
  • Approach the TOGAF standard critically and holistically
  • Plan and implement the TOGAF standard concepts using EA tools
  • Collaborate more effectively architects and stakeholders
  • Learn to optimize processes with EA tools

Benefits for Organizations

Well-defined IT architectures can lead to much more efficient IT operations, giving business greater returns on existing investments while also reducing risks for future investments. This has made enterprise architecture a vital practice for organizations around the world.

This course can accelerate the time-to-value application of the TOGAF standard theory into practice in your organization. This will reduce the risks of investing in training, as students will quickly be able to apply the framework in practice.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction – TOGAF 9 Critical Breakdown and Tool Translation
  • Module 2: Developing the Architecture Vision and Strategy
  • Module 3: Tailoring TOGAF 9 in a Tool
  • Module 4: Architecture Delivery of ADM Phases B, C (i and ii) and D
  • Module 5: Analysis and Communication
  • Module 6: Conclusion (What Makes an EA Team Successful?)


The course does not carry a formal examination. However, there are end-of-module assessments which candidates must finish in order to achieve a certificate of completion.

  • 6 months’ access from the date of purchase to complete your training
  • 5 hours of online training content
  • Interactive and engaging videos
  • Module level assessments
  • Completion certificate
  • Study schedule
  • On/off tracker
  • Searchable microlearning units and modules
  • Accessible through multiple devices
  • Offline player for studying on the move
  • Access to Orbus Learning Ecosystem
    • Detailed personal performance report
    • Community for business and IT professionals
    • Resource centre (articles, case studies, white papers, etc.)
    • Support suite
  • Tutor support

What is the TOGAF standard?

The TOGAF standard is a globally recognized enterprise architecture framework and a valuable tool that enables users to design, evaluate and build the right IT architectures for their organizations. It forms the cornerstone of many organizations’ enterprise architecture initiatives.

Is the ‘How to Implement the TOGAF standard in a Tool’ course accredited?

The course is not accredited. However, it was designed and developed by EA practitioners who are tool experts. The course is certified by Orbus Software, a leader in enterprise architecture management training.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. However, having prior knowledge of enterprise architecture could be beneficial.

What is the duration of this course?

The course offers 5 hours’ worth of training materials, including learning modules and an end-of-module assessment.

What is the duration of access?

Learners get 12 months of access from the date of purchase.

Does the course include a manual?

The course does not require a manual.

How does the on/off tracker work?

The online tracker provides an ideal time duration to complete the course and gives users a reminder when they go off-track. Note, the tracker is purely a ‘nice to have’ feature that works on a recommended timeframe and does not hold any impact on the duration of access.

Which is the Learning Management System (LMS) used?

Docebo is the LMS that is integrated into the Orbus Learning Ecosystem.

What are the minimum system and browser requirements?

Click here to view the latest system and browser requirements to efficiently run this course.

How can I get help?

Once you purchase a course and start learning, we have a support suite dedicated to assist you through your training. For tutor, technical and administrative support, please mail us on

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

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Key Features

Duration of access:
6 months

Training hours:
5 hours

Training delivered by:
Orbus Software

Certification of completion

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