SPM for Application Analysis

Build the foundational knowledge required to understand the purpose of SPM

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SPM for Application Analysis

Product Training / SPM for Application Analysis
  • In-depth understanding of Orbus’s SPM solution
  • Designed and developed by Enterprise Architecture (EA) tool experts
  • Critical and holistic approach to the five application-related scenarios
  • On-hand experience of SPM reports rendered in Power BI


Budgets, deadlines and resources are tighter than ever. Organizations need support in planning to effectively meet their strategic objectives. 

Decision makers across all industries rely on Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) to help them focus their finite resources. Project managers responsible for strategic initiatives need tools to refine and optimize their portfolio management processes - which is where SPM comes in.

This course will give learners a grounding in the purpose of SPM, and how it is realized through Strategic Portfolio Management tools. We focus on demonstrating the SPM approach using iServer, a market-leading business and IT transformation suite.

Our SPM for Application Analysis course introduces learners to Orbus Software’s Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) solution. We explore how SPM is applied within Application Portfolio Management (APM), and how common APM issues can be tackled. 

The course provides the knowledge required to understand SPM. Learners will discover how the approach fits with Microsoft Power BI and iServer. 

The course then turns to five common scenarios of APM:

  • Establishing Application Support for Strategy
  • Management of Application Lifecycle
  • Management of Application Cost
  • Application Rationalization
  • Protection of Data

For each scenario, the course covers:

  • An overview with relevant business questions and interested stakeholders
  • A conceptual method of approach with guidance
  • The required data structure
  • A dashboard pathway presenting sample format for analysis

Each module includes a simulated practice exercise that aims to provide ‘hands-on experience’ in navigating and analyzing a sample dataset using SPM.

Benefits for Individuals

This online training course can help any professional who has - or would like to add - a Strategic Portfolio Management element to their role. Learners who complete the course will gain: 

  • A thorough understanding of the foundation of the SPM solution
  • Clarity over how to approach the five application-related scenarios using the iServer product
  • Guidance on the data structures required to drive analysis
  • Practical knowledge to ‘hit the ground running’ with the SPM solution

Benefits for Organizations

Strategic Portfolio Management training is essential for organizations that are looking to optimize their IT operations. 

Organizations that are implementing an SPM solution expect a solid return on their investment. They want to realise the value of this approach quickly. This course provides an expedited time-to-value for teams deploying SPM tools. 

This course equips Enterprise Architecture teams to fully engage with their stakeholders. It allows them to address the critical questions that business stakeholders have for IT in a responsive way. 

Course Outline

Module 1: Course Overview
An introduction to the course, and an overview of Orbus’ SPM solution.

Module 2: Introduction to Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM)
An overview of SPM as a concept, and how to apply the approach using Strategic Portfolio Management tools - specifically, the Orbus solution. An explanation of five key scenarios in Application Portfolio Management.

Module 3: SPM Foundations
An exploration of how to integrate the Orbus SPM solution into a tool - using iServer as an example. An overview of data in SPM, and how to use the SPM metamodel. An introduction to the basics of SPM navigation in Power BI. 

Module 4: Application Support for Strategy
An overview of Application Support for Strategy, and the associated context, roles and business questions. An explanation of traceability between strategies and applications, and the relevant iServer views for each scenario. An overview of SPM data and reporting in strategic application support.

Module 5: Application Lifecycle Management
An overview of Application Lifecycle Management, and the associated context, roles and business questions. An introduction to managing the “application lifecycle” and its impact. An overview of SPM data and reporting in managing the application lifecycle.

Module 6: Application Cost Management
An overview of Application Cost Management, and the associated context, roles and business questions. An exploration of the approach and relevant considerations.  An overview of SPM data and reporting in application cost management.

Module 7: Application Rationalization
An overview of Application Rationalization, and the associated context, roles and business questions. An exploration of the SPM approach to rationalization and relevant considerations including application scoring. An overview of SPM data and reporting in identifying application rationalization candidates.

Module 8: Applications Data Management
An overview of Application Data Management, and the associated context, roles and business questions. An explanation of traceability between data, applications and business areas. 

An exploration of the SPM approach to rationalization and relevant considerations including application scoring.  An overview of SPM data and reporting in identifying application rationalization candidates. An overview of SPM data and reporting in analyzing sensitive data.


The course does not carry a formal examination. However, there are end-of-module exercises which candidates must finish, in addition to all the training modules, to achieve their completion certificate.

  • 12 months’ access from the date of purchase to complete your training
  • 3 hours of online training content
  • An interactive and engaging training experience
  • Module level assessments
  • Completion certificate
  • Searchable microlearning units and modules
  • On/off tracker
  • Access through multiple devices
  • Offline player for studying on the move
  • Access to Orbus’ Learning Ecosystem, including:
    • Detailed personal performance report
    • Enrolment in a community for business and IT professionals
    • Free resource centre (articles, case studies, white papers, etc.)
    • Support suite
  • Tutor support
  • Study schedule

Is the ‘SPM for Application Analysis’ course accredited?

The course is not accredited. However, it was designed and developed by EA practitioners who are tool experts. The course is certified by Orbus Software, a market leader in IT and business transformation software and services.

What are the prerequisites for this course?

There are no formal prerequisites for this course. However, having prior knowledge of enterprise architecture and its tools could be beneficial.

What is the duration of this course?

The course offers 3 hours’ worth of training materials, including learning modules and end-of-module assessments.

How long can users access this course?

Learners receive 12 months of access from the purchase date of the course.

Does the course include a manual?

The course does not require a manual.

How does the on/off tracker work?

The online tracker provides an ideal time duration to complete the course and gives users a reminder when they go off-track. Please note that the tracker is an optional feature that works on a recommended timeframe. It does not have any impact on the duration of user access.

Which is the Learning Management System (LMS) used?

Docebo LMS is integrated into the Orbus Learning Ecosystem.

What are the minimum system and browser requirements?

Click here to view the latest system and browser requirements to efficiently run this course.

How can I get help?

Once you purchase a course and start learning, you will have access to a support suite dedicated to assisting you through your training. For tutor, technical and administrative support, please mail us on training.support@orbussoftware.com.

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

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Key Features

  • Duration of access: 12 months

  • Training hours: 3 hours

  • Training delivered by: Orbus Software

  • Certification of completion: Yes

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