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Key Features

Duration of access:
12 months

Training hours:
25+ hours

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Training delivered by:
ILX Group

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About the Course

There is a constant demand for qualified project managers who have the ability to work within tight constraints in order to deliver successful projects. This requires the ability to effectively manage resources to achieve short-term goals and a clear understanding of the different elements that go into a successful project from start to finish. Many project management training courses reflect this, but in an impenetrable language that can be difficult for less experienced project managers to understand.

The syllabus for this course covers several key knowledge areas, providing professionals with comprehensive knowledge of the key concepts, tools and techniques of project management, without any unnecessary jargon. The course fully prepares professionals to sit and pass the PMQ examination.

Course Outline

  • Green Zone: Getting Going
  • Blue Zone: Background
  • Pink Zone: People and Projects
  • Purple Zone: Planning
  • Red Zone: Stop and Think
  • Orange Zone: Information Management and Reporting


Depending on a candidate’s pre-existing qualifications, there are two examination approaches to earning the APM Management Qualification.

3 Hour Examination Procedure

  • Candidates must answer 10 essay-based questions from a total of 16 (even if more than 10 are answered, only 10 will be marked)
  • Each question is worth a maximum of 50 marks
  • 3-hour paper
  • Candidates must score at least 55% (275/500) in order to pass
  • Closed-book

2 Hour Examination Procedure (Recognizing Prior Learning for Registered PRINCE2® Practitioners)

  • 6 essay-based questions from a total of 10 (even if more than 6 are answered, only 6 will be marked)
  • Each question is worth a total of 50 marks
  • Candidates must score at least 55% (165/300) in order to pass

Please take the time to read and understand the exam guidance notes outlined by APM. When ready, please contact our support team at training.support@orbussoftware.com to book and take your examination.

Benefits for Individuals

In today’s business environment, many project managers compete to get the best jobs. There is growing recognition for competent and accredited project management professionals who hold reputable project management qualifications.

With an extensive syllabus and a challenging exam, APM’s PMQ certification gives individuals the distinction they require to stand out from the competition. Due to its comprehensive and complex coverage, the PMQ qualification holds a lot of value for many organizations seeking highly competent project managers.

The course is ideal for professions from the public and private sector including:

  • Project managers
  • Project office personnel
  • Project team members
  • Project officers

Benefits for Organizations

The qualification helps organizations enjoy an improved project delivery process led by highly skilled project managers. This can give corporates a competitive advantage as well as a better success rate for projects.

This course is delivered by Good e-Learning who are the accredited training provider.

Key Features

Duration of access:
12 months

Training hours:
25+ hours

Accredited by:

Training delivered by:
ILX Group

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